Classic MGE Cup : Season 2

We are pleased to present you the Classic MGE Cup : Season 2! You will play on 5 different MGE arenas. Group stages will be played in a Best of 1 format,
Playoffs (including Quarter and Semi Finals) will be played in a Single Elimination Best of 4, Grand Finals – Best of 5.

Signups will end on 6th May.


EU Only... BUT players from other parts of the world are welcome to join too, everyone will have to play on a server located in the bracket's region unless both teams agree otherwise.

For more information you may see #rules in our discord channel!

Prize pool:

1st place - 25 keys
2nd place - 15 keys
3rd place - 10 keys

Good Luck To Everyone!

-Classic MGE Cup Team




Any sort of cheating will result in a Permanent Ban such as Third Party Programs that grant an unfair advantage like knowing the Position and Stats of enemies at any time!
Abuse of RCON in game server will result in a default win for the enemy team! This applies for map exploits too.

Just like in the Discord Server, Toxicity and Threats will result in a warning and eventually into a ban (Remember to keep healthy sportsmanship!)

1.Using shotgun allowed only on Ammomod MGE

2. 3 Warnings leads to disqualification

3 defloses leads to disqualification

5.You need to take YOUR OWN server ( or etc.)

6.Map: mge_training_v8_beta4b (other mge maps ARE NOT ALLOWED)

7.alt.accounts leads to disqualification

Whitelist : Avalible soon in discord channel

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