[2020] United Dodgeball League sponsored by Mannco.store

United Dodgeball League is now hosting a 3v3 dodgeball league which will have four group stage matches, one taking place every week starting June 8th 2020.

We have servers available for practice which can be accessed through our discord.

• 1st Place - 24 keys
• 2nd Place - 15 keys
• 3rd Place - 9 keys

• Beginner Teams - 15 keys up for grabs for beginner teams, judged by the staff team

We have a very exciting sponsorship this time from Mannco.store who is making this league possible. Please find out more about this great site here.

Please check out the rules below or in our discord to stay up to date with the rules and see the changes we have made.

League System
We will be hosting a league event which will have four group stage matches, one taking place every week.

We will be using a server reservation system to manage the servers. Your team's captain will be in charge of doing this, more information can be found on our discord.

The league starts June 8th.

The team size is three players with two substitute players being allowed.

Week One - June 8th to June 14th - blucourt_intox
Week Two - June 15th to June 21st - spacebox
Week Three - June 22nd to June 28th - octagon
Week Four - June 29th to July 5th - box_evening

For these matches, you will have 20 minutes to play your opponent with no set amount of rounds to win. Whichever team has the most round wins by the time the time limit has ended, wins.

The playoffs will start on July 6th with the 16 teams that place the highest in the group stages. Each new round of the playoffs will be played a separate day.

We are now accepting signups through match.tf but it is very important that you join our discord.

We have custom medals for participants and podium places.

Welcome to the United Dodgeball League, please make sure you follow all of these rules when competing in matches.

With all of these rules, if you encounter any of these being broken in actual matches please submit demos and/or screenshots to #help in our discord. Without this evidence, there won’t be any sanctions given to a team.

With rules one through three, a team has three warnings. Breaking any of these rules will issue a warning, when a team has broken any of these rules a total of three times please finish the match and submit the demos/screenshots to #help in the discord.

1) Orbiting the rocket for extended periods of time (5 rotations or more)
The matches are time based and orbiting for too long wastes time.

2) Physically blocking/obstructing a player's movement
This is against the spirit of dodgeball, close quarters reflects are allowed but not if it restricts a player’s

3) Using the rocket or any map features to get in out of reach places
Players should always remain in the usual playing field for the map and should not be in
any high up or hard to reach places

4) Stealing the rocket
This is a new rule due to complaints from last cup. Those players on your team shouldn’t
steal the rocket if it is targeted at you. Three steals in a match will result in the team being
disqualified for thatmatch. Please notice that the steal prevention plugin will only kick individual
players for stealing three times but three steals across the whole team will result in that team’s
disqualification so be careful. Exceptions to this can and will be made to any teams that are seen as
exploiting this rule continually across their matches.

5) Default wins
If a team is longer than 10 minutes late for a match then they will be disqualified for that

6) A team is using an unrostered player without explicit permission
If a team is using a player that isn’t on their roster or hasn’t been agreed upon as a merc
please ask them to get a suitable player. These players aren’t classed as part of the team
and default win rules apply here unless they get a suitable player.

7) A team is using more than three players
If a team has an extra player on the server then please ask them to get rid of their extra
player and if they don’t comply, default win rules apply here.

8) A team is using only one player
Please ask them to get the rest of their team into the server. If both teams agree to let the
player play even with one player, the match can still go on. Otherwise, default win rules
apply here unless they can get sufficient players. Teams that continue to use one player
throughout the tournament will be disqualified if this happens for more than one match.

Team Information
Team sizes are a maximum of five.

Only three players will be playing matches but it is completely up to your team who is playing at any given time.

Medals will only be given to teams that compete in at least three group stage matches.

A team will need one captain who handles server reservations, communicating with other
teams and leading the team. Captains will always need to play the matches in order to avoid any issues.

A merc is a player that doesn’t belong to any team.
If for any reason your players can’t show up and you need to use a merc, please notify the
enemy team immediately. It is their choice if they will let your merc play or not. If the enemy
team denies your merc and you can’t play, you forfeit the match. Both teams need to take screenshots
of this for there to be sufficient evidence.

This section is dedicated to any issues that you may encounter in your matches and the appropriate response you should take to resolve them.

The server has issues.
This could be any issue from the server having the wrong match timers, ping issues and server crashes.
We have servers in reserve for this exact reason, please explain your issue in #help in our discord.

A player is hacking.
Please finish the match and post your demo to #help in our discord.

Both teams are ready but the match isn’t starting.
Please unready your team and then ready up again.

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