Tetrad is a competitive TF2 tournament open to players of all levels. The tournament focuses on the 4v4 format and features a donation based prize pool.

The tournament is not managed here, Please head to https://tetrad.me for more info.

Please note that this tournament is managed ONLY through it's website and discord server. Signing up here won't count.

Are there any weapon/class restrictions?

Yes, 4v4 only allows one of each class with the exception of not running both medic and heavy at the same time. The tournament is also running a custom whitelist, it can be found here : http://whitelist.tf/ugc_4v4_s14

How will the tournament play out?

Registration starts 16/2 and ends on 1/3. Groups stage for both divisions start on Monday 2/3. Each round on the schedule is a day, so all teams have 1 game everyday for a week (5 days for Gold div). Playoffs maps and schedule for each division will be decided at the end of the groups stage.

Default game time is 21 CET, Game time can be changed if both team captains agree on it, if not it will turn into a default win.

Are there rules/restrictions on rosters?

You're only allowed 4 Main players and 3 Subs, In case one of your players doesn't show up and your team is left shorthanded you're only allowed 1 Merc. The Merc's account must given to the other team's captain as they must approve of your Merc.

What are the maps played in the tournament?

  • Badlands (KOTH)
  • Product (KOTH)
  • Gullywash (5CP)
  • Highpass (KOTH)
  • Warmfrost (3CP)

You can download all of them in one package here : https://drive.google.com/open?id=1EBoh4n39VSEG5XUfbMCul9gWKFnoT9_I

What's the current prize pool?

The current prize pool is 20+ keys, if you'd like to help out head to https://tetrad.me/donate

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