United Dodgeball League Two Day Cup

We're holding a two day cup for 2v2 pyro dodgeball!

Group stages will be hosted on the 22nd of September, from 17:00 CEST to 22:00 CEST, totalling 5 hours. (exact times subject to change)

Signups closed on the 19th of September

Each team will play three rounds of Swiss in hopes of making Top 8 playoffs, to be held on the 23rd. Playoffs will be single elimination with grand finals & loser's bracket finals being bo3.

It is vital that you join our discord to stay up-to-date with any changes.


Players will compete as pairs to volley an increasingly fast crit-rocket with the other team. Failing to return the volley results in death & a point for the opposing side

All servers will be hosted by UDL. You will be asked to play at a specific time on a server which we provide.
We ask that all team leaders be available online on steam for the duration of the event & befriend our league account, through which connect info for our servers will be given.
Please avoid being late as you could receive a default loss; see our 'rules' section below.

In group stages, matches have a 10 minute time limit, upon reaching which, the team with the highest score wins.
In playoff games this time limit is extended to 15 minutes.

Day One: Group Stages

Three games will be played by each team in the group stages, each against a different team.
In the event of an uneven number of teams, one team each round will be selected for a bye-match; they won't play a game this round but receive a win.

• Stage One map: tfdb_blucourt_intox

• Stage Two map: tfdb_gov_spacedodgeball

• Stage Three map: tfdb_bk_castleyard_beta

Day Two: Top 8 Playoffs & Finals

In playoffs, the top eight teams from group stages will compete against each other in a single elimination bracket.
These matches will have a time limit of 15 minutes.

Grand Finals:
The best two teams will face off and as a grand final, it will be a bo3 with each map at 15 minutes long.
The three maps are selected by allowing both teams to ban a map, after which both teams choose a map to play, with the remaining map acting as a decider.

To decide third place, the two teams that won their first playoffs match but lost their second will play against each other in a bo3 lower bracket final, using the same pick/ban system.


We're putting a meagre prize pool of 20 keys up for grabs;

1st Place - MegaMinds - 10 keys
2nd Place - BiA - 6 keys
3rd Place - Holy Abuse - 4 keys

We will only be hosting European servers during the event, but players from other regions are allowed to participate.


Team Leaders must add our league account & be available to receive connect info during the event
Limit of 4 rostered players. (1 team leader, 1 partner, 2 substitute spots)

Rule-Breaking & Penalties:

Participants must record POV demos of their games (using "record " in console)

In the following circumstances, team leaders can message a @Founder (via discord or our league steam account) to claim a default win.

• The enemy team is more than 5 minutes late
• The enemy team are using an unrostered player without explicit permission
• The enemy team are playing with more than two players

Discouraged Behaviour

Moderators will be spectating in your games, monitoring matches to issue warnings if teams appear to intentionally exploit the rocket's interaction with players & the map, or otherwise attempt to derail competitive play.

While subjective, we believe the following actions go against the spirit of dodge-ball & inhibit skilled play.

Orbiting the rocket for extended periods of time (5 rotations or more)

• Physically blocking/obstructing a player's movement

If moderators see this behavior & consider it deliberate, they may issue a warning. If a team accumulates more than three warnings in a single match, they will receive a loss.

All Matches
There are no upcoming matches...


# Team Points Total Score
1 MegaMinds 21 109.0
2 BiA 15 108.0
3 Holy Abuse 15 100.0
4 🐢 12 60.0
5 Tinies 6 42.0
6 Toucan🐧Tyrannicide 6 38.0
7 Dabbers 6 36.0
8 Ban These Kids 6 31.0
9 Orbital Blitz 6 30.0
10 Atomic Karate 6 26.0
11 koiners kebab 6 26.0
12 Leila + 2 6 26.0
13 team eu ;o 6 20.0
14 gamers 6 19.0
15 Tanfastic 3 28.0
16 Galaxy Orbit 3 27.0
17 PaMaSH(c) 3 21.0
18 The Unsuitable Pairs 3 20.0
19 Ringlet eSports 3 20.0
21 Iliuchi 3 19.0
23 Foreskings 3 16.0
24 scrungo bepis 3 14.0
25 Bad at Blasting 3 14.0
26 cloud in macedonian 3 13.0
27 gyros 3 13.0
28 Poi's on 3 6.0
29 The Dodge Bois 0 13.0
30 Narbix League 0 10.0
32 $uicideSlipper$ 0 0.0
33 London Burners 0 0.0
34 the raging red turnips 0 0.0