EuroLander Season 2

Our second season of Highlander has shipped!
We want to spread the word about competitive play, we’re using competitve-optimized maps, we have four divisions, we have medals, we’re not limiting the amount of teams that can sign up, we're letting teams signup for the division they please, we’re being less restrictive than last season and we will be applying common sense over “going by the book”.
Signups happen on the site, and you must join the Discord server if you are a team leader, since match announcing and score reporting happens there.

1. Introduction
2. Dates
3. Map Pool
4. Divisions
5. Prizes
6. Credits

1. Introduction
The long awaited second season of EuroLander (EUL) has finally been set up!
Keep reading to find out everything.

We here at EUL want to encourage players to play competitively, so we’re hoping to offer a great experience and we hope to make players stay for more.
Be sure to spread the word of our tournament, and add that we’re also looking for players with zero, or next to no competitive experience for our Open division!
Growth is important for this community, especially since some TF2 players don’t even know the competitive community exists.

You have to sign up on the site, but we ask you to join our Discord server, as the matches and match scores will be announced and reported there.
All team leaders must be in the Discord server, to be able to be contacted more easily, and if possible, the team members too.
If you have any questions, like for example if you want to play in Intermediate as an off-class instead of playing Premier as your main class, you can ask our Administrators through the support channel.
Keep in mind we have certain rules in place for our Discord server, which can be found in our rules channel.

2. Dates
Signups close: 17th November
Season starts: 18th November
Rosters lock: TBD
Playoffs last: TBD - TBD
Default match time: Tuesday at 20:00 CET

3. Map Pool
We want our tournament to be taken seriously, so we’re playing on competitive-optimized "pro" maps (if the original map has a competitive-optimized version),
which means that maps that are still played commonly in competitive to this day are included.
Gathering feedback on them and sending it over to the map creators is what will drive competitive TF2 forward!

List of expectable (but not definite) maps for the season:
- cp_gravelpit (Gravelpit)
- cp_steel (Steel)
- koth_cascade_rc1a (Cascade)
- koth_coalplant_b8 (Coalplant)
- koth_product_rcx (Viaduct)
- koth_proside_v3 (Lakeside)
- pl_barnblitz_pro7c (Barnblitz)
- pl_prowater_b5 (Badwater)
- pl_upward_pro_b2 (Upward)
- pl_vigil_rc6 (Vigil)

The scheduling will be released once all teams have been placed into their divisions.
Note that the schedule may vary between divisions, and that some divisions may not have a map that another does.

4. Divisions
We’re not capping the team limit for the entire tournament nor limiting the amount of teams a division can have. A division may have more teams than another.
You’re also able to sign up for the division you please. Though unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that your team will end up in that division.
We go by what we believe will be the perfect balance, and for us, the main factor has to be experience. We must and want to be objective.

List of divisions:
- Premier (ETF2L Premiership)
- Advanced (ETF2L Division 1)
- Intermediate (ETF2L Division 2 & Mid)
- Open (ETF2L Open)

1. Do other players think you’re a god at TF2?
2. Are you looking to play against the best of the best?
3. Do you have what it takes, to have your own name be recognized purely for your skill?
- You can be sure that you should play in this division, if you have answered positively to even just one of these three questions.
- Prepare for incredibly difficult matches.

1. Are you really good at the game, and think there’s not that much left to becoming the best there can possibly be?
2. Have you played and gained so much experience that even Intermediate players fear you?
3. Are you looking to play against some of the best?
- If you’re considering this division, after answering yes to even a single question above, you know you’re qualified to play in Advanced.
- Expect a challenge, especially since you can come across a Premier player.

1. Are you able to compete against players who are more experienced?
2. Do you want to heavily improve at the game and maybe even become the best one day?
3. Are you a serious player who just wants to win?
- Answering positively to even just one of these questions probably means that this is the right division for you.
- You won’t be absolutely crushed in this division, since we don’t allow players from the Premier division to play in here, but you may have to face an Advanced player.

1. Are you completely new to community competitive, but are interested, and want to play it even if you might not be good enough?
2. Have you already played a little bit, but you don’t feel that you’re that great yet?
3. Are you very limited by your poor hardware?
4. Do you not live in Europe and/or have a massive disadvantage due to your connection?
5. Are you a veteran, who hasn’t played competitively in years?
- If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then you’re qualified to play in this division!
- Don’t worry, we won’t let players from higher divisions ruin the newbie experience.

5. Prizes
Just like last season, and like each one of our seasons, we will be giving out medals to our participants, who played in a team that didn’t forfeit a single time.

If we get sponsored in the future, we would be able to give out prizes. And reward team leading...

6. Credits
- Head Admin: Salty
- Premier Admin: Salty
- Advanced Admin: supra
- Intermediate Admin: BlueBunny
- Open Admin: Light

- Logo: tomo2515 & fishska
- Medals: Salty & EmperorFaiz & Rytu & Morgan
- Medal Distribution: Salty & BlackOutJon
- Wikipedia: That Hat Guy
- Donors remain private.

Coming soon?

1. General
2. Behavior & Sportsmanship
3. Rosters & Mercs/Ringers
4. Servers & Matches
5. Exploiting & Cheating

1. General
You must communicate in english.
You must use common sense.
Do not impersonate anyone.
Do not share your steam account.
Do not abuse the “retry” command.
Do not use ridiculous internet settings or have an unplayable connection.
Do not troll in any way or make false accusations on purpose.
Please report any rule breaking to your division Admin, and if possible with evidence and a detailed explanation. We can't always do much if we don't have the proof.

By the way, if you believe we have missed a rule, we would appreciate it being suggested.

2. Behavior & Sportsmanship
Us at EUL want to encourage, support, promote and enforce fair and friendly behavior.
Remember that there’s a fine line between being playful and harassing someone.
Treat others as you would like them to treat you, and respect other players if they do you.
You must keep healthy sportsmanship no matter what.
A positive mindset is one of the main keys to performing greatly.

3. Rosters & Mercs/Ringers
We limit our roster size to 17 different players per team, since if it was one more, you could have two completely different main rosters. We believe this is a quite generous amount either way.
You are not allowed to have an alternate account rostered with you. Every player must play on their main account. If you get caught, you will be suspended from playing in the entire season.

We allow the use of Mercs/Ringers, which are unrostered players playing for a team, or rostered players playing for a team they are not rostered in.
You’re allowed a Default Merc/Ringer, that cannot be denied, which you must present to the enemy team leader, like all Mercs. If a Merc is rostered in a team from the same division or a team under that division he is qualified to merc for that match.
You cannot use the same Merc more than twice. Using the same Merc three times will result in a default loss.
You cannot use more than 3 Mercs in the same match. Doing so will result in a default loss.
If a Merc isn’t rostered on any team, only the approval of the enemy leader matters.
Roster changes, after the main season begins, will require approval from Administrators.
When presenting a Merc, their profile must be submitted to the enemy leader.
Forfeiting even just a single match will result in no medals neither prizes being awarded to the team.

4. Servers & Matches
All matches must start in under 15 minutes after the set date and time. Otherwise, the team that isn’t ready to play, will receive a default loss. If both teams aren’t ready after that time, and a team readies up afterwards, the other team has 3 minutes to ready up to start the match. If they fail to do so, the team that is ready wins by enemy forfeit.
The default time is set to Tuesdays at 20:00 CET and can be rescheduled all the way until Sunday 22:00 CET. We expect all match scores to be reported before the end of the week, Sundays at 23:59 CET to be exact.
Match scores and forfeits are reported to your division Admin. Send a screenshot of the scoreboard right at the end of the match and send the link(s). Provide a scoreboard and status screenshot when reporting default wins.
(Take a screenshot of the scoreboard / Type “status” into the developer console and take a screenshot of that.)
Do not leave the server until the division Admin allows you to.
Additionally, we ask you to send the two links of both teams and say which one won.
The leader of the winning team is expected to report the match scores.
No one is allowed to be spectating the match live except the Administrators, but they will always have a good reason to if they do. If a player wants to watch a match as it is being played, they must watch it through the STV (Source Television), or a livestream. Live streams must be delayed by at least 60 seconds, and the STV must be provided if asked for it.

All servers must be hosted in Europe, unless both leaders agree otherwise.
All servers must have a password which is only available to the players that are supposed to play in the match.
All servers must have an rcon password which is only available to the host.
By default, the home team must host, but if the leaders of both teams agree on the away team hosting, that also works.
All servers must run RGL’s Highlander configs. For stopwatch maps, like “pl_prowater_b5”, “rgl_hl_stopwatch” must be used, and for king of the hill maps, like “koth_product_rcx”, “rgl_hl_koth” must be used.
All servers must run RGL’s Highlander whitelist from Season 4, which has the ID “10247”. Don't worry, running the right config will execute the whitelist.

Each player must record an in-game demo for every match. Administrators may ask for someone’s point of view if they suspect a rule break or malicious intent.
Not providing a demo will result in you being suspended from your next match.
The Administrators might also ask for STV demos.

Each team is allowed two five minute long pauses per match if they have a valid reason and have informed the enemy team before pausing:
1. A player dropped.
2. A player has connection issues.
3. The server has a problem.

5. Exploiting & Cheating
We have zero tolerance for exploiting and cheating. If you’re caught, the match you exploited or cheated on, will count as a default loss for your team. You will be permanently suspended and if we find proof that you were cheating in other matches, those will also turn into default losses for your team.
Exploiting is for example, abusing a map glitch, like getting on top of the sky box.
Cheating is for example, using an external program to enhance your aim or making you be able to see your enemies through a wall and even enhance your sound, to make only specific noises louder like cloaking sounds and footsteps.

All Matches
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