The Late Night TF2 Cup: Episode 2

Hello and welcome to the 2nd ever Late Night TF2 Cup!

Are you a veteran, or are you a new player looking for your first true TF2 competitive experience? It doesn't matter, as you are invited to play in the cup no matter your previous experience.

LNTF2C is a weekend-long, european cup supporting the 6v6 format, currently scheduled for the 8th, 9th and the 10th of November.

The sign-ups are handled using, but reporting the scores, as well as all of the latest updates will be done through our Discord.
Keep in mind that in order to sign up, all of the players must have an ETF2L account.

All the teams will be placed by the staff team into the appropriate divisions, in order to provide the best skill balance possible.

The cup will be following the following schedule:

  • 19th of November: Signups close

  • 20th-21st of November: Provisional and final brackets

  • 22nd of November: 4 team groups BO1 stage, with each match having a 3 map pool.

  • 23rd and the 24th of November: Playoffs.

-The map pool will be as follows:

  • Gullywash
  • Warmfront
  • Granary Pro
  • Metalworks
  • Process
  • Bagel fall
  • Product
  • Snakewater
  • Sunshine

So what are you waiting for? Sign up and join the Discord now!

Oh yes, if you are a fan of collecting shiny virtual medals for your collection, we can offer you the following rewards:

Discord rules

  1. Sharing of private information is forbidden.
  2. Any targeted insults and threats will not be tolerated.
  3. Post the content in the appropriate channel.
  4. Please use English in all channels.
  5. Breaking the rules will lead to warnings, and eventually bans.
  6. Any usage of O-Words and any derivatives is strictly forbidden.

Cup rules:
1. General rules

1.1 Time zones
LNTF2C uses the Central European Time (CET/CEST).

1.2 Disruption
Disruption of LNTF2C is strictly forbidden. Each case will be reviewed on a case by case basis, and the penalties will vary depending on the severity of the offence.

1.3 Betting and Gambling
LNTF2C holds no responsibility for risks connected to the usage of gambling and betting websites.

1.4 Alterations to the rule set
LNTF2C reserves the right to change the rule set at any point in time.

1.5 Fraud
Committing or supporting fraud is strictly forbidden.
Different types of fraud are (but aren’t limited to):
- Playing a match to a completely or partially predetermined result.
- Manipulating screenshots, chat logs or match results.
- Impersonating players, staff or contacts of the cup (with malicious intent).
- Non-permitted acquisition of profits.

  1. Players

2.1 Regions
Players from all regions are allowed to play, however an EU team has the right to request that the match will be played on an EU server.

2.2 Divisions
LNTF2C currently strives to offer fair skill divisions by creating skill divisions based on the number of participating teams as well as the average skill of the said team.

In short, this time we are doing admin placement.

2.3 Skill limitations
Will be updated once the final amount of divisions will be decided.

2.4 Roster changes
After signing up, if a team desires to change their roster, the transfers will require approval from the staff.
After the roster lock goes into effect, no changes will be allowed to the roster.

2.5 Demos
All players are required to record POV demos.
Team leaders are allowed to request up to 3 demos in one match. In a case where a demo can not be provided, following penalties will be applied:
-First time: Minor warnings.
-Second time: Major warning.
-Third time: The player is removed from the competition, and a Major warning is applied to the team.

2.6 Abusive chat, nicknames and profile pictures
Any offensive behavior won’t be tolerated. Penalties will range from warnings to bans, depending on the severity of the offense. Offensive nicknames, profile pictures and bind spam are NOT allowed.

  1. Matches

3.1 Config and Whitelist
All the games must be played using the correct config as well as the whitelist.
LNTF2C uses the ETF2L server configs, and the Global Whitelist ( ID: 8477)

3.2 Status and Score screenshots
At the beginning of a round, as well as after every player change, both teams are required to take status screenshots.
A screenshot of all the scores must be taken, with both teams playing being responsible.

Missing screenshots will be punished by team warnings.

3.3 Match times
Due to the nature of the cup, changing match times is not allowed.

3.4 Reporting scores
All the scores must be reported in the designated discord channel, and providing the page is mandatory.

The preferred match submission format is the following:

Game number
Team 1  2:5  Team 2 link

3.5 Delays
A delay of 15 minutes is allowed. If a team doesn’t have their players on the server past the 15 min point, the other team is allowed to claim a default win, providing proof that the enemy is not on the server at the appropriate time.

3.6 Mercs and the minimum amount of players
A team is allowed up to 2 mercs per match. All teams have the right to one default merc, as long as this player complies with the skill limitation (ref:2.3). All the other mercs must be presented and approved by the enemy leader.
In a case where an illegal merc is used, the results of the match will be overturned, and a warning will be applied to the team.

A team must have at least 5 players on the server to begin the match.

3.7 Pauses during matches
Each team is allowed a 5 min pause, as long as it doesn’t happen during a critical point in the match (such as, but not limited to: pushes, last holds, last 20 seconds of a KOTH round).
A pause MUST be properly requested.
A warning must be given before unpausing.

3.8 Player switching
Teams are allowed 1 player per map. Any further changes need to be approved by the enemy team. This can be done with or without pauses, but a team MUST NOT have more than 6 players connected at the same time on the server.

3.9 Spectators
Spectating from the game server is strictly forbidden. Teams caught ghosting will be removed from the competition.
STV spectating is allowed.

3.10 Pick/Ban
Teams decide who is team A and who is team B. The ban process is the following:
-Pick/Ban for BO3:
-Team A bans
-Team B bans
-Team B picks
-Team A picks
-Team A bans
-Team B bans
-The remaining map is the decider.

-Pick/Ban for BO1:
-Team A bans
-Team B bans
-Team B bans
-Team A bans
-Team A bans
-Team B bans
-The remaining map is the one played.

3.6 Default losses
Teams that have 2 or more default losses will be removed from the competition.

  1. Maps and Servers

4.1 Map pool
LNTF2C uses the following map pool:

4.2 Providing servers
The home team is responsible for providing the game server. If they are unable to provide a server, the away team must provide a server. If neither of the teams are able to get a server, contact a member of staff for help.

4.3 Server complaints
In a case where a team wants to change servers due to technical problems, they must provide a server. The results up to that point must be recorded/screenshotted.
Complaints about the server after the game is finished will be dismissed.

4.4 Game mode specific rules
LNTF2C uses the same game mode rules as ETF2L.
Please make sure a server has the appropriate config and whitelist executed before playing the match.

4.5 Servers
Non-standard server configurations will be considered cheating.
Usage of home servers is not allowed.

  1. Cheats, exploits and scripts

5.1 Cheats
Using any type of external assistance (examples: Aim assist, Wall hacks, etc.) is strictly forbidden. Players caught cheating will be removed from the tournament, as well as being banned from any future events organized by LNTF2C.

5.2 Scripts
Scripts that allow a player to perform an action in-game that he would not be able to execute without the script, or scripts that purposefully disrupt the player hitbox are banned. Scripts that freeze or glitch the player model (e.g. in mid-air to be less predictable) to make it harder to hit are also banned.
Usage of banned scripts will be penalized on a case-by-case basis, depending on the intent of the script, the impact on the matches the script. Possible penalties may include warnings, default losses for one or more match rounds and league bans for repeated offenses.
Examples of banned scripts:
-Chargeturn script (this includes the use of other peripherals to achieve sharper turn angles).
-Bhop script.
Examples of allowed scripts:
-Duck jump script.
-Null-cancelling movement scrip.
-Rocket jump script.
-Mask uber script.
-Team say scripts.
If you are unsure about the legality of a particular script, please contact an admin to clarify the situation before using the script in an official match.

5.3 Exploits
Any map/game exploits are forbidden. Teams caught using exploits will be reviewed on a case by case basis. Possible consequences can vary from Minor warnings to a cup ban.
If a team is suspected of using exploits, contacting a staff member is recommended.

5.4 Alt accounts
If a player is caught using an alt account/ account sharing they will be banned from participating in all future events organized by LNTF2C, and the match results will be overturned.
In order to reduce the risks of alt accounts, all players MUST have an ETF2L profile. Any player without the said ETF2L account will not be allowed to play, and any matches played with them will be overturned.

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