The Ultimate Ultiduo Tournament S4

Being in the peak of summertime and approaching the biggest Team Fortress 2 event this year that is i65, I hereby announce The Ultimate Ultiduo Tournament, season 4. Nobody likes long intros anyway so let's get right into it.

The tournament is taking place on 31st August Group Stages and 6th-7th-8th September Playoffs.

Europe only, although if you are a relatively new player from NA, you can check out the NewbiDuo tournament that I'm also hosting in parallel with this one, we support North America there.


ultiduo_champion_b1 (currently in alpha)


The whole tournament will be covered by Lucky and krokit on I will ensure that the streams be shorter so those poor souls don't suffer through 4+ hours of casting (sorry :I).
PS: To get affiliated on twitch, we have to be streaming more often for a bit. I will be streaming some ultiduos myself with SynciNG the next few days (with comms) on this channel.

Prize pool:
Not affiliated with any organisations means that we begin our prize pool quite scarce. Last time we had 100+ keys worth of donations, so I'm quite positive about the outcome. Currently offering:

  • DM reserved slots for the top 16 teams
  • I am yet to reach out to Arie from
  • Unknown amount of keys yet

Donations of 5 keys and more will be rewarded with a precious glowing helper medal and a special role in the discord, with all of the donations going towards the prize pool! You can donate here.

Sign Up:
Signing up for the tournament happens either through here on or through our discord. If you choose to do so here, do not sign up on discord.

I will handle the rest. If you choose to sign up through the discord, you can find the steps there. List of all the participants currently signed up here.

Everything that I haven't covered must already be in the rules or in the discord. For any other questions, I'm available there. Sign ups deadline is on 29th August and all rounds will be randomly generated by challonge.
Tournament discord:

Have fun!

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