TF Seasons League #1 - Summer Season

Welcome to TF2 Season League Season #1, summer!

Our league (TFSL) provides a fun and unique competitive no limit 6v6 environment by theming selected maps and banned weapons based on the real world season. Since valve is no longer accepting medals untill the next update, we are opening a prize pool with 25 keys, and looking to awarded medals retroactively, once that becomes an option.

We will begin matches, with or without a medal in the game, on August first, but we cannot play without pepole, so tell your friends! Whoever invites the most people to our discord server will receive three keys, and a helper medal (eventually) for helping us grow. Want to play with us? Create a team and join our tournament. Max 12 to a team. Make sure you join our discord server to get announcements and pugs! Roasters will be locked upon the conclusion of the first week of play.

The maps for our inaugural season are Sunshine, Banana Bay, Borneo, Lakeside, and Highpass!

Have any questions? Join our discord and ask in the support channel. Our discord

Default day is always Saturday. Default time is 20:00 CEST for EU and 7:00 PM EST for NA

Week one: August first to august fourth. Sunshine. Default date is august third.
Week two: August Fifth to august 1th. Lakeside. Default date is August tenth.
Week three: August 12th to august 18th. Borneo. Default date is August 17th.
Week four: August 19th to august 25th. High-pass. Default date is August 24th.
Week five: August 26th to September first. Banana Bay. Default date is August 31st.

Max 2 mercs to a team. Teams cannot play without four or more players

Rules are viewable on our discord server, please contact staff members with any questions.

Banned weapons list is here:
the necro smasher is also strictly forbidden.

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North America

# Team Points
1 Garfield Getters 4
2 Artemis 3
3 Permaheavy 2
4 razBorka 0


# Team Points
1 Super Dickmann's KANNONEN! 4
2 Salveenee49kk 3
3 Nintendo 1
4 BGT 0
5 Polish Campfire 0
6 Gveret M 0
7 Transcendence Disbanded 0