PURE League (Season 2)


Welcome back to PURE League's Season 2 in Asia. There are a number of changes this time around, all of which are noted in our Discord. If you have any issues, please contact an Administrator for your bracket through our Discord, or by contacting one of these people below.

Open: Wolfy, Rustic, core and seraph
Intermediate : fwishy, Veron
Premier: fwishy, hsr, himari

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be medals?
Yes, there will be medals, they will be of the same design as the previous season.

Can I play in PURE League if I was banned in PURE Pugs?
Yes, you can play. You simply have to play your matches on servers other than the server you are banned in. While you may approach admins of other servers for some leniency, the PURE admins will not perform temporary unbans to allow banned players to play on PURE servers.

Can I play in PURE League if I was banned in AFC for cheating?
No, you cannot play in PURE League if you have an active ban in AFC.

Key Dates

Initial sign-ups close on 23:59 16th August 2019
Preliminary seeding released: 23:00 19th August 2019
Roster adjustments: 23:59 22nd August 2019
Finalized seedings: 23:59 23rd August 2019
Season starts on 26th August 2019, runs till 10th November 2019


Player transfers are approved at the end of the match week. Transfers open in Week 4 and will be closed before Playoffs commence.

Playable Match Days (& what days matches are generated)

Matches are posted every Tuesday. Default match day is on Sunday and time for play is 8:30pm GMT +8.

Score Submission

All scores must be submitted on match.tf by 11:59PM GMT +8 on Sundays, failure to do so will result in the match being a mutual forfeit. The team who did not submit scores will need to confirm the scores submitted by the other team.


Official Website: https://pureservers.co
Official League Website: https://pure-league.com
Discord: https://discord.gg/JbrBjKz

match.tf specific rules:

  • All match scores must be submitted prior to new matches being generated.
  • Transfers are reviewed weekly prior to match generation.
  • Report any issues with score submission, match communications and/or transfers.

Competitive Ruleset: https://www.pure-league.com/rules

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# Team Points Median Buchholz Total Score Wins


# Team Points Median Buchholz Total Score Wins