CLTF2 No Restrictions 6s Sponsored by and

After some hesitation and concerns, we’re finally ready to announce the CustomLander 6v6 No Restrictions Cup Season in collaboration with and

Thanks to and we have a Prize Pool of 450$/215 keys!
Keys will be handed out to the winning Team!

High - 100 keys for first place, 54 for second place and 36 keys for third place.
Open - 24 keys for first place.
All divisions will be given medals.

Based on our previous experience with our first cup, there will be 3 divisions with unlimited spots for teams. Sign up here to your respective Division. The Staff Team will go through each Team to see if you've signed up correctly!

We have 2 Divisions
High - Players ranging in skill from ETF2L Mid up to Premiership.
Open - Division for every new player, and for every Fresh Meat and Open player.

Team limit is 12 players per team.

For more Information! Discord

Rewards for also Participating! Medals

Fight your way through countless waves of enemies on the following maps:
- koth_bagel_fall_b3
- koth_daenam_b7a
- cp_workflow_b7
- cp_freightline_a9
- cp_propaganda_b15
- cp_mist_rc1d
- pl_badwater_pro_v12

But wait” you say, “No restrictions?”. Yes, you’ve read that correct! Have you ever dreamed of running non-meta compositions only to face plant into the class restrictions of most leagues? Well fear no more, as all the weapon bans and class restrictions have been lifted!

Sign up now! but not before the 30th of June, with the season starting on the 2nd of July and the default date being on Friday 20 CEST, this date can be rescheduled if both team agree to. Roster Lock will be activated at the end of week 5!

Season schedule
- Week 1: pl_badwater_pro_v12 (AB-BA format, bo3)
- Week 2: koth_bagel_fall_b3 & cp_propaganda_b15
- Week 3: cp_freightline_a9 (AB-BA format, bo3)
- Week 4: koth_daenam_b7a & cp_mist_rc1d
- Week 5: cp_workflow_b7 & PICK/BAN Map (If its a stopwatch map it needs to be played in AB-BA format, bo3)

Tournament rules

These rules apply to the CLTF2 Season 1

  1. General rules
  2. Players
  3. Matches
  4. No restrictions rules
  5. Maps and Servers
  6. Cheats, scripts and exploits.

1.General rules

1.1 Time zones
CLTF2 uses the CET/CEST time zone.

1.2 Match times

1.3 Fraud
Committing or supporting fraud is strictly forbidden
Different types of fraud include (but are not limited to):
– Playing a match to a completely or partially pre-determined result.
– Manipulating screenshots, chat logs or match results.
– Impersonating players, staff or contacts of the league (with malicious intent).
– Non-permitted acquisition of profits.

1.4 Betting and Gambling
CLTF2 holds no responsibility for risks connected to the usage of gambling websites.

1.5 Disruption
Disruption of CLTF2 and it's services is strictly forbidden. Each case will be reviewed individually, and the penalties will vary depending on the severity of the offense.

1.6 Alterations to the ruleset
CLTF2 reserves the right to change the ruleset.

  1. Players

2.1 Regions
Players from all regions are allowed to play, however an EU team has the right to request that the match will be played on an EU server.

2.2 Player point system
Points are assigned to players on a server, based on their experience level:

    -Open - 1 point
    -Low - 2 points
    -Mid - 3 points
    -High - 4 points
    -Prem - 5 points
    -Steel/Bottom Main - 1 point
    -Silver/Top Main - 2 points
    -Platinum/Premium - 3 points

Each team is allowed a certain sum of points at all times. The said sum depends on the division (See 2.3).
It is supposed that team leaders keep track of their team's composition. In a hypothetical case where the limit can not be met, an external agreement between both teams' leaders is allowed, as long as it is properly recorded, and happens before the match starts. A team can not be forced to accept one's request.
In a case where foul play is suspected, contacting a league representative/staff member is recommended.
In case one team needs to replace one of the players during a match, the point limit must be respected, as long as the other team hasn't agreed to an external agreement before the match started.
Changing the point limit during a live game is NOT allowed.

A player is considered to belong to a specific experience level if they have played 3 or more official games in the tier in the last year. In a case where a player complies with the 3 games requirement, but has played in lower divisions, they are considered 1 tier below their all time high (EXAMPLE: A player has played in 3 or more High games 2 years ago, but is currently playing in Low. In this case the said player will be considered to be a Mid player).

2.3 Divisions
CLTF2 offers 3 divisions, being Open, Mid and High

The Open division have point limit of 12
The Mid division have point limit of 18
The High division has no point limit.

2.4 Skill limitations

Players with ETF2L Mid or higher experience are not allowed to be used as default mercs in the Open division. Players that have previously played in the ETF2L Invite/Premiership division are not allowed to play in Open division.
Players with Div2/High or higher experience are not allowed to be used as default mercs in the Mid division.

2.5 Roster changes
All teams are not allowed to perform changes to their rosters after the roster lock. In case where an alteration must be made due to special circumstances, contacting an admin is recommended.

2.6 Demos
All players are required to record POV demos.
Teams are allowed to ask for up to 3 POV demos in one match. In a case where the requested demo can't be provided, the following penalties will be applied:
-First time: Minor warning
-Second time: Major warning
-Third time: Player is banned from participating in the cup
-Fourth time or more: Player is banned from participating in all the cups organized by CLTF2 for a year

2.7 Abusive chat, nicknames and profile pictures
Any offensive chat could lead to warnings, as well as bans. Offensive nicknames, profile pictures and bind spam are NOT allowed. These penalties will be applied:
-First time: Minor warning
-Second time: Minor warning
-Third time: Major warning
-Fourth time: Player is banned from participating in CLTF2 events for 6 months.

  1. Matches

3.1 Config and whitelist
All the games must be playing using the correct config as well as the whitelist.
CLTF2 uses the appropriate RGL_mm configs and the Allow Everything whitelist ( ID: 1 )

3.2 Screenshots and status
At the beginning of a round, the team leaders must take status screenshots. Status screenshots are also mandatory after a player switch.
Taking screenshots of the scores at the end of games is also mandatory.

Missing screenshots will be punished by a minor warning.

3.3 Match times
Players can choose to play on any day and any hour if both parties agree.
All time and date changes must be documented on the match page.
Default date for matches is Friday 20:00 CEST.

3.4 Reporting scores
All the match scores must be reported in the designated discord channel, and providing the page is mandatory.
Upon a match score being reported, the enemy leaders must confirm the result.
The preferred match submission format is the following:

Team 1  4:1  Team 2 link

3.5 Delays
A delay of 15 minutes is allowed. If a team doesn't have their players on the server past the 15 min point, the other team is allowed to claim a default win, providing proof that the enemy team isn't on the server.

3.6 Mercs and the minimum amount of players
A team is allowed to use up to 2 mercs during a match. All teams are allowed to use one default merc, as long as the said merc doesn't conflict with the division restrictions (See 2.4). All the other mercs have to be presented to the other team, and be approved by the leader.
In a case where an illegal merc is used, penalties will be applied, depending on the severity of the infraction.

A team must have at least 5 players on the server to begin the game.

3.7 Pauses during matches
Each team is allowed a 5 min pause during each game played, as long as it doesn't happen at a critical point(such as: pushes, last holds, last 20 seconds of a KOTH round). A pause MUST be properly requested. In case where a pause last longer than 5 min, the other team is allowed to unpause the game.
A team must warn the enemy before unpausing.

3.8 Player switching
Teams can swap players mid game. This can be done with or without pauses, but a team MUST NOT have more than 6 players connected to the server at one time.

3.9 Spectators
Spectating from the game server is strictly forbidden. In a case where a team is caught ghosting, the team in question will be removed from the competition.
STV spectating is allowed.
STV spectating needs to be delayed by 30 seconds atleast

3.10 Pick/Ban
The home team picks who is team A and who is team B.
You need to submit chat logs about picks and bans on match page
-Team A bans
-Team B bans
-Team B bans
-Team A bans
-Team A bans
-Team B bans
-The remaining map is played


-Team A bans
-Team B bans
-Team B picks
-Team A picks
-Team A bans
-Team B bans
-The remaining map is the decider

  1. No restriction rules

CLTF2 Season 1 is a no restrictions tournament, meaning that there are no class restrictions, and no weapon bans.

  1. Maps and servers

5.1 Map pool
CLTF2 uses the following map pool:

5.2 Providing servers
The home team is responsible for providing the game server. In a case where the home team is unable to provide the server, the away team has to provide a server. If neither team is able to get a server, contact a member of the CLTF2 staff for help.

5.3 Server complaints
In a case where a team wants to change a server because of technical problems, they must provide the server. Changing servers during a live game is allowed, but complaints about the server after the game ended are not valid.

5.4 Game mode specific rules
5.4.1 Stopwatch rules
Stopwatch maps include Payload and Attack/Defend maps.
The winner of the map is the first team to win two rounds. A round consists of both attack and defense.
In the first round, the home team decides whether they want to attack first or defend first. Teams then will go through the AB-BA format. If a third round is needed, the home team will again choose which side they wish to start on for that round.
The following is an example in which the home team chooses to start the first round on attack.

Round one: Home team attacks / Away team defends then Away team attacks / Home team defends.
Round two: Away team attacks / Home team defends then Home team attacks / Away team defends.

The third round is only needed if the score is 1-1 after the first two rounds. The away team would make a new choice at what side they would like to start the final round on.
For example, the away team decides to start on attack in the third round.
Round Three: Away team attacks / Home team defends then Home team attacks and Away team defends.

5.4.2 KOTH rules
King of the Hill (KOTH) maps have one capture point in the middle of the map. After a short time, the point unlocks and can be captured. Usually, the point must be held for a total of 3 minutes by one team to win around.
The home team will decide which side they want to play on.

KOTH maps will be played in a best of 5 format(Firs to 3 points wins).

5.4.3 5CP rules
5CP maps 5 capture points. Both teams start with an equal number of controlled points and must capture all the points on the map to win.
5CP maps will be played in a BO5 format, with no time limit present.

5CP must be played with the following map settings:
-Map timelimit must be set to 0 (mp_timelimit 0)
-Map winlimit must be set to 3 (mp_winlimit 3)

6 Cheats, scripts and exploits

6.1 Cheats
Using any type of external assistance (examples: Aim assist, Wall hacks, etc) is strictly forbidden. Players caught cheating will be banned from participating in any future CLTF2 events and the matches they have played in will have the results overturned.

6.2 Scripts
Scripts that allow a player to perform an action in-game that he would not be able to execute without the script, or scripts that purposefully disrupt the player hitbox are banned. Scripts that freeze or glitch the player model (e.g. in mid-air to be less predictable) to make it harder to hit are also banned.
Usage of banned scripts will be penalized on a case-by-case basis, depending on the intent of the script, the impact on the matches the script. Possible penalties may include warnings, default losses for one or more match rounds and league bans for repeated offenses.
Examples of banned scripts:

-Chargeturn script (this includes the use of other peripherals to achieve sharper turn angles)
-Bhop script

Examples of allowed scripts:

 -Duck jump script
 -Null-cancelling movement script
 -Rocket jump script
 -Mask uber script
 -Team say scripts

If you are unsure about the legality of a particular script, please contact an admin to clarify the situation before using the script in an official match.

6.3 Exploits
Any map/game exploits are forbidden. Teams caught using exploits will be reviewed on a case by case basis. Possible consequences can vary from Minor warnings to a cup ban.
If a team is suspected of using exploits, contacting a staff member is recommended.

All Matches
There are no upcoming matches...


# Team Points Wins
1 Super Dickmann's KANNONEN! 30 2
3 Meer fan club 12 1
4 Kiva kutos klaani 12 0
5 Sunburst 9 2
6 BGT Disbanded 0 0
7 umud+5 Disbanded 0 0
8 Vital Dispenser Pick Disbanded 0 0

Open A

# Team Points Wins
1 zengurtnology 24 8
2 Slow freestyle 21 7
3 Gveret M 15 5
4 heh 12 4
5 9 0
6 6 plalers 1 guwniany gamemode 9 0
7 DeltoidBoisEksDee 6 2
8 TF's scavengers -3 0
9 NoNameTeam -6 0
10 Equilibrium Disbanded 0 0

Open B

# Team Points Wins
1 For the Glory of This Golden War 6 2
2 Skybox 6 0
3 Soloqueue 6 0
4 neperedatslovami 6 0
5 UwU// 0 0
6 Nintendo 0 0
7 Polish Campfire 0 0
8 InstantReaction -3 0
9 Aperture Cake (AC) -3 0
10 Low Cal Calzone Zone -3 0