Dustbowl.tf - A Competitive Dustbowl Tournament

Hello and Welcome to Dustbowl.tf! The competitive Highlander Dustbowl tournament!

read up on Highlander: https://wiki.teamfortress.com/wiki/Highlander_(Competitive)
league Discord: https://discord.gg/T2g6xQk
League Steam Group: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/Dustbowltf

the Default Time for games are 7 PM (CEST for EU and EST for NA). You are able to change this if both teams agree. If a member from the opposing team doesn't show up after 15 minutes of your set time, it is an auto DQ.

Matches will begin the week of June 30th and will last for 7 weeks.
After these rounds are over, there will be challonge pages created for the playoffs.

Medals are still being worked on! There will be an announcement as soon as they are finished!
With the recent news about medals, the shipping will be delayed until further notice.

These rules are mainly inspired by UGC's standards. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

1: General Rules

Here is the general list of warnings you will receive for breaking a rule
1st Offense: verbal warning
2nd Offense: Banned from playing for the next week
3rd Offense: Banned from playing for the rest of the season

Since this tournament is small at the moment, I would not like to bother the owner of Serveme with our own config. This means that we will be using the UGC Highlander config. If the class limits do not show up for you, input the command rcon mp_highlander 1, then reload the map.
If you would like to install their config on your own server, you can get these files here
Make sure you allow demos.tf to save a demo of your match.

The global whitelist can be found here https://whitelist.tf/9987

If a team forfeits more than three times in the season, their team will be automatically DQ'd.

2: Teams

Teams will be allowed to have 13 players. This means you will have nine mains and four subs. If you genuinely need another sub, you can ask the enemy team and show them their profile. If they accept, then go for it.

There are going to be two divisions, EU, and NA. If you don't reside in any of these divisions, but still wish to play, you can join the division that causes the least amount of lag.

There must be a Demo of your match.
Demos will be used to check reports on either cheating, or using some sort of foul play.
You can record a demo easily by typing ds_record in the console.

Throughout the regular season, you are able to change players as many times as you want. If someone needs to drop out, or if someone wants to join in, they can. Once playoffs start, you are unable to make any changes.

3: Games and scoring

Each team will play one round of Attack, and one round of Defense. The team that captures the most points wins. If both teams capture all 3 points, then the team who captured in the least amount of time wins (stopwatch mode).

Scoring will be as follows:

Win = 2 points
Default win = 1 point
Loss = 0 points

The team leader will put these scores into the match.tf page, with a log and a demo of the game

4: Misc

Minimum players to start
Each team can start to play with only 7 players.

Each team is allowed to have one pause. The pause can be for any reason, just make sure you specify the reason during the pause/

You can not use the retry command to bypass spawn times. Doing so will result in an auto DQ.

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