Snowy Competitive


Welcome to Snowy Competitive!

Want to try out something new that's unfamiliar? Want to break normal habits of TF2 competitive?

Well then this tournament is for you. Introducing matches with snowy maps only.

What can go wrong, right?

Short FAQ:

What format?
Highlander. 9v9. Only one class per team.

TBA. Someday in June. There will be a poll about the dates.


What are the divisions?

  • Fresh Division: Non experienced, open and lower players. (8/8 - FULL)
  • Stormed Division: Mid and Division 2 players. (8/8 - FULL)
  • Hectic Division: Premiership and Division 1 players. (2/4)

Which maps will be played?

  • pl_snowycoast
  • pl_frostward
  • pl_badwater_snowy2
  • pl_boundary_final1
  • pl_coal_rc24
  • koth_icetower_rc2
  • koth_arctic_b3
  • cp_obscure_final
  • cp_coldfront

For more questions and other info, be sure to join our official Discord server:

In-game rules:

1. All matches must be recorded with dem. files.
2. After the match has concluded, one team must post logs in the #logs-n-submissions channel.
3. If the game results in one team cheating, the other team will receive a default win.
4. Home teams must provide the server while using websites like
5. If the match has one EU team, the server must be located in the EU region. If the team from the other region refuses to switch regions, the EU team receives default win.
6. After the roster has been closed, talk to an admin if the new changes can be applied.
7. The event uses ETF2L Highlander (Season 18) whitelist. ID: 9056.
8. ||Match times haven't been determined yet.||
9. If one team is present and the other team isn't, the present team receives a default win after 15 minutes have passed.
10. Only up to 2 mercs can be allowed per a match. The other team is allowed to deny any mercs. However, Hectic division players cannot be mercs in the Stormed division and Fresh division. And Stormed division players cannot be players for the Fresh Division.
11. Pauses can last only 5 minutes. More time results in a default win for a team that didn't request the pause. Pauses cannot be allowed during the critical times (such as but not limited to last pushes, holds, last 40 seconds of KotH maps).
12. Player switching by default is not allowed. Enemy team's approval must be requested. Otherwise, the default win goes to the enemy team.
13. Spectating is not allowed, except for STV.
14. The maximum player count for the roster is 16.
15. If the rule has been broken or if any other complaints rise up, send them in the #complaints channel.

Warnings & Bans:

0. Everything depends on the severity of how the user broke the rules.

1. If the rule was unintentionally broken, the user will receive a minor warning.
2. If the rule was broken intentionally, the user will receive a major warning.
3. If the rule was broken multiple times especially after multiple conversations with the user, the user will be banned.

4. If a player uses cheats during the game, the player will be banned.
5. If a player uses scripts that disrupt the game (freezing or glitching models, messes up hitboxes, etc.), the player will be banned.
6. If a player uses exploits, the player will receive a major warning.
7. If more than one player cheats using third-party programs in a team, the whole team is banned.

8. If one team manipulates the results in #logs-n-submissions, the whole team is banned.
9. If one of the teams refuse to provide logs, both teams will be banned.
10. If both teams decide to play on different maps with different whitelists, both teams are banned.
11. Non-standard server configurations and usage of home servers are considered cheating. If the home team provides one of them, the team is banned.

12. If dem. file cannot be requested, the player will receive a minor warning. For the second time - a major warning. For the third time - a ban, and the whole team receive a major warning.
13. If one of the players has an abusive nickname, profile picture and is abusive in the chat, the team will receive a major warning.
14. If one of the players is impersonating another player during the game, depending on the skill ceiling and on how severe the situation is, the player or team might get warnings or even bans.

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