EuroLander offers an organized competitive environment for the off-season featuring alternate and old maps!

If you haven’t gotten the chance to play competitive highlander yet, then this is a great opportunity for you!
In our discord server, which is linked below, we have channels specifically for recruitment and team search.

To sign up, you need a team which contains a minimum of 9 different players, but not more than 15, as that is the limit of players per team.
Your team will be placed in one of 3 divisions (Open/Main/Premier) according to your past experiences, which is specified in the rules.
There will be either two Open or two Main divisions.
Be sure to sign up soon, as we only allow 6 teams per division totaling 24 teams.
You may change your roster before signups close and during the main season.
Since the main season lasts 5 weeks, which is 1 official match per week, you need a team of players who are interested in playing for that amount of time. The playoffs will last 2 weeks, also with 1 official match per week.

All our times are in CEST.
Signups close: 16th May at 23:59
Main season: 20th May - 23rd June
Rosters lock: 23rd June at 23:59
Playoffs: 24th June - 7th July

Week 1: koth_coalplant_b8, koth_cascade_rc1a
Week 2: pl_barnblitz_pro6
Week 3: cp_gravelpit
Week 4: koth_warmtic_b6, koth_ramjam_rc1
Week 5: pl_badwater_pro_v12
Week 6: Playoffs (Semi-Finals)
Week 7: Playoffs (Grand-Finals + Bronze-Match)

We are sponsored by!
The 1st place team of each division will be rewarded with 3 premium codes each lasting 3 months.

We suggest joining our discord server for more information regarding this tournament.
Our staff are happy to help if you have any questions. Please ask Moderators or use our staff requests channel if you have questions or need help. We appreciate you not contacting Admins for questions and help unless no Moderators are online.
We gladly take suggestions and are open to criticism.

If you are interested in donating, please contact the Head Admin, Salty, through steam.

Banner made by fishska, with some edits from Axio.

Medals designed by EmperorFaiz and Rytu, but EmperorFaiz's model was used.


The concept art was made by Salty and Morgan.

1 EuroLander Season Rules

1.1 Balancing
1.2 Playoffs
1.3 Rosters
1.4 Mercs
1.5 Maps
1.6 Medals
1.7 Match Timing
1.8 Servers
1.9 The Staff Team

1.1 Balancing

1.1.1 How we balance teams
Players who have played in Division 1 or above of ETF2L Highlander or 6s within the last 3 seasons will be playing in our highest division called “Premier”.
Mid and Division 2 players would be playing in our second out of three divisions called “Main”.
Open and Low would be playing in our lowest division which we also call “Open”.
We treat Platinum experience the same as ETF2L Mid experience. This means if you have played in Platinum within the last 3 UGC Highlander or 6s seasons, you will be placed in our “Main” division.
We do not look at UGCs Main EU/Premium EU system, and we ignore their Europe division for 6s, as it is their only one.
This is a step to avoid sandbagging.

In which EuroLander division your team will be placed in, is ultimately up to the staff. Staff will go by the rules as best as they can.
Every team signs up for staff placement.

1.1.2 Overexperienced Players
Maximum of 3 overexperienced players in a team roster, otherwise the team will be placed in the division according to their overexperienced players.
An “overexperienced” player counts so if he has played in a higher division than his current one within the last 3 seasons.

If you are considered overexperienced in a division higher than the one you are signed up to, you are not allowed to be rostered.
Let's say I was considered overexperienced in Main, that would mean I wouldn't be allowed to play in the Open division, unless I'd get accepted as a merc.

If you have played in an ETF2L Premiership official in the past 3 seasons, you are only allowed on Medic in the Main division. You are not allowed to play in Open unless you get accepted as a merc. If you do, you're only allowed on Medic too.
We want to offer fair and fun games.

-Example 1: If your team has been placed in “Open” in EuroLander and you have played in ETF2L Mid or higher (whether highlander or 6s) within the last 3 seasons, you count as overexperienced.

-Example 2: If your team has been placed in “Main” in EuroLander and you have played in ETF2L Division 1 or higher (whether highlander or 6s) within the last 3 seasons, you count as overexperienced.

-Example 3: A team roster that has 5 Division 1 players, 8 Mid players and 2 Open players, will be placed in “Premier” because they have more than 3 overexperienced players (“overexperienced” as in towards the Mid and Open players).

1.2 Playoffs

1.2.1 Playoffs in a Division
The top 4 teams from each division get into the playoffs.
The 1st place team will be against the 4th place team in semi-finals.
The 2nd place team will be against the 3rd place team in semi-finals.
More information about the playoffs at point 1.5.

1.2.2 Which team finishes 1st place?
For a team to win in their division (finish 1st place) they must get into playoffs, win the semi-finals and win the grand-finals.
If you lose the semi-finals, you will still have another match which decides the 3rd place spot, it is called the “Bronze-Match”.
If you lose the grand-finals, you will be placed 2nd.

1.3 Rosters

1.3.1 Our Format and how the Roster System works
We are supporting the format of Highlander meaning that your team should have 9 main players and up to 6 sub players, which makes the limit of the roster 15 players.
Our roster space limit is lower than other leagues due to roster riding issues.

Leaders must be responsive and it should be clear in advance if they cannot be.

1.3.2 Regions
This is a European league, meaning that you must host somewhere in europe unless agreed on otherwise.
No penalties for not hosting at a specific location as long as it is in europe (except if agreed on differently), but the asked hosting location should be acknowledged by the hoster.
All our times are in CEST.

1.3.3 Penalties
If you play with players that aren't on your roster and don’t communicate with the other team leader for that player, you will receive a major warning which will suspend you from playing for 1 week and you will get a default loss for that game.
More information at point 1.4.

1.4 Mercs

1.4.1 The usage of Mercs
A player that is not rostered in the team’s roster and plays a match for that team is considered a merc.
1 merc is allowed by default if he’s not considered “overexperienced”.
Up to 3 mercs allowed per team if both leaders agree.
A team can only use the same merc up to 2 times, not more, even if accepted by the other leader.
The other leader needs to be informed about the usage of any mercs by a profile link of the merc.
If you get a merc accepted and fake a higher player as that lower merc, you will get a major warning, will be suspended from playing for 1 week and your team receives a default loss for that match.

1.5 Maps

1.5.1 Main Season
In the main season, these maps are going to be played:

-Week 1: koth_coalplant_b8, koth_cascade_rc1a
-Week 2: pl_barnblitz_pro6
-Week 3: cp_gravelpit
-Week 4: koth_warmtic_b6, koth_ramjam_rc1
-Week 5: pl_badwater_pro_v12

We found some of these maps to be alternatives to more frequently played ones, and we are looking for feedback on them!

The stopwatch maps are played to bo3 (best of 3).
On king of the hill maps, the first team to score 3 points wins the match.
More information at point 1.8.

1.5.2 Playoff Pick/Ban
In the playoffs, the two team leaders will have to choose what maps they ban or pick to play. This is how the pick/ban system works:

-Home team bans a map,
-Away team bans,
-Home bans,
-Away picks,
-Home picks,
-Away bans,
-Home picks.

You can only pick/ban maps from our map pool from the main season.
Please use “we pick”/”we ban” and provide screenshot proof in match comms.
The pick/ban can be done in steam chat or match comms. The match comms are located on the match page.
This system results in 2 or 3 maps being played depending on the scores.
The first picked map must be played first.
The second must be played second.
The third must be played third, if it even needs to be played.
The banning and picking must be done 24 hours before the match starts.
If this has not been done, the staff will choose what maps will be played, randomly. They will communicate the played maps in match comms.

1.5.3 Golden Cap
A golden cap occurs if a stopwatch map is played and the score is tied after the first two rounds.
You need to remember to manually execute the golden cap config: etf2l_golden_cap

1.6 Medals

1.6.1 How we award medals
We award medals to everyone who has been rostered on a team during roster lock, that hasn’t gotten a default loss 2 times or more.

1.6.2 Roster Lock
We lock rosters on the last day of week 5 of the main season, which is Sunday the 23rd June, at 23:59 CEST.
If you need to remove a player during the roster lock period please contact an Admin.
We need a good reason to have someone removed.

1.6.3 Which medals we award
We award placement medals to 1st, 2nd and 3rd placements, as well as a participation medal to everyone else.
Your medal will state what division your team played in that you were rostered in during the roster lock.
We only award contribution medals to our staff or people who have done big contributions, unfortunately not to our kind donors.
This is due to Valve only allowing charity events to grant medals for donations.
All donations are appreciated and can serve as a prize pool for the future.
We currently have a small prize pool as we are sponsored by
Each 1st place team of every division will get 3 premium codes that each last 3 months.

1.7 Match Timing

1.7.1 General match rules
A match needs to start 15 minutes from the default (or rescheduled to) time.
If both teams aren’t ready after 15 minutes, and a team ready’s up afterwards, then the other team has 3 minutes to ready up to start the match by readying up too.
If they fail to do so they will get a default loss.
If the ready team unreadies the timer of 3 minutes gets reset.

Just because a team has readied up, doesn’t mean they accepted your mercs.
Readying up means, ready to play, which means having 8 or more players on your team.
A team may claim a default win if the other team has used an unapproved merc in the match (not pre-game). This applies for all matches, even grand-finals.

To claim a default win you always need to provide proof and contact an Admin during the pre-game.
If you find out that the enemy team has used an unapproved merc after the match, an Admin can still take action so long he gets evidence.

If you suspect staff corruption or a mistake, you may contact a Head Admin to intervene. Please calmly explain to the Head Admin that you suspect a certain staff member to be making a mistake and your situation. If you think a staff member is corrupted, please talk/keep talking to the Head Admin you contacted about it.

1.7.2 If a match doesn’t seem to start
If a match hasn’t started after 3 minutes of a team readying up after 15 minutes of the default time an Admin must be called in.
From there on the Admin will decide which team loses by default or if the match will be rescheduled. The Admin will request proof from both sides if needed.
Staff are allowed to join the match at any time and must be given the connect if they ask for it.

More information at point 1.8.
If both teams have 7 or less players, the match will be rescheduled, even if it has been originally rescheduled from the default date.
If a team has 8 or 9 players, and the other 7 or less, the match will result in a default loss for the team with insufficient players.
A match can start if both teams have at least 8 players.
If the Admin decides for the match to be rescheduled the Admin will give a reasonable date.
You as a leader may suggest a date and time.

1.8 Servers

1.8.1 In-Game Rules
There is a fine line between playful teasing and harassment.
You must keep good and healthy sportsmanship no matter what.
You must speak english.
Do not impersonate anyone.
Do not share your steam account.
Do not abuse the “retry” command.
Do not use ridiculous connection settings.
Do not troll or make false accusations on purpose.

Every player must record an in-game demo for every match.

No one is allowed to be spectating the match live except staff. Staff will always have a good reason to be spectating the match. Staff won’t just spectate for entertainment.
Example of a good reason: “A team has requested a default win”.
If you want to spectate a match you must watch it through the STV. The host is not obliged to provide the STV password.
You are obliged to give the connect info, to the match, if the staff asks for it, but not the rcon password.
All servers must be password protected.

You are not allowed to attempt map exploits nor execute them.
If you see someone attempting a map exploit, contact an Anti-Cheat Admin after the match with proof.
Do not spread word about the exploit.

If your team needs a pause, you need to mention the pause within 15 seconds before doing it in the game chat. To pause the match, write “pause” into your console.
Each team has the right to one pause per map which can last up to 5 minutes.
The team that needs a pause must provide a valid reason for the pause, for example: “Our [player] timed out, we need a pause”.
Pauses are not allowed to be used on purpose for an advantage like skipping respawn times for example.
Pauses must not be requested at critical match points, such as last pushes, uber exchanges, etc.

The home team is allowed to pick if they are attacking or defending first.

The home team must provide the server unless agreed on differently.
You can reserve a server from or

The hosting team must acknowledge where the away team would like the server location to be.
-Example: “We would appreciate you hosting in the Netherlands or in Germany, otherwise our demoman will have way too high ping”.
-Example 2: “Please host in France, we are a french team”.

When reporting match scores on your match page, you must provide a link as proof.
Screenshots of the scoreboard are also sufficient.

1.8.2 Config

  • For Payload maps: etf2l_9v9_stopwatch
  • For King of the Hill maps: etf2l_9v9_koth
  • For 5CP maps: etf2l_9v9_5cp
  • For Attack/Defend maps: etf2l_9v9_stopwatch
  • Golden Cap config: etf2l_golden_cap

You should always reload the config/whitelist before the start of a match.
The host needs to oblige to your request.
The proper configs and maps are currently uploaded to, as well as

To execute a config you need the rcon (remote console).
Executing configs: rcon exec [exact config name]
Changing maps: rcon changelevel [exact map name]
Executing whitelists on TFTrue servers ( rcon tftrue_whitelist_id [id]
Executing whitelists on SourceMod servers ( rcon sm_whitelist_id [id]

All the previous commands can be executed either through console in the form given above, or alternatively, they can be used in the ingame chat, by adding a ! before the rcon. (I.E !rcon changelevel koth_product)

1.8.3 Whitelist
Our league is using etf2l’s highlander whitelist:


The whitelist will be automatically activated when the correct config is executed.

1.8.4 Penalties
If you play with the wrong config and you, your teammate, or an enemy is using one or multiple banned weapons, you need to notify the person (in the in-game chat) responsible for the server to switch the config/weapons to the ones that are unbanned.
If the config/weapons are not switched to the right ones the match results with a default loss for the team that was responsible for using the banned weapons.

If a player is trolling, harassing another player or is being toxic they will receive a minor warning.
Getting a second minor warning will suspend them from participating in the next match.
Getting a third minor warning will suspend them from playing for the next 3 matches.
Discord warnings are separated from season warnings.

If a player finds out to be exploiting, he will be given a major warning and is suspended from playing the next match. The match he was exploiting in will result in a default loss for his team.
If the same player gets caught exploiting again, he will be permanently banned from the season, and the match he was exploiting in will result in a default loss for his team.

If you do not provide a demo when asked for it by a staff member, you receive a minor warning and are suspended from playing for 1 week.
If you do not provide a demo when asked for it by a staff member a second time, you will receive another minor warning and will be suspended from playing for 2 weeks.
If you do not provide a demo when asked for it by a staff member a third time, you will receive a major warning and will be suspended from playing from the entire season.

We require proof when reporting someone. Proof can come in form of screenshots and demos. For match scores, we would appreciate the links or screenshots of the scoreboard posted in match comms when submitting scores.

1.8.5 Cheating
The usage of external programs/cheats is strictly prohibited and when a player gets caught cheating he will be suspended permanently and the match he got caught cheating in will be a default loss for his team.
Cheating is, but isn’t limited to: aimbotting, wallhacking, esp, anti-aim.

If you suspect someone of cheating or exploiting, contact an Anti-Cheat Admin and provide proof.

1.8.6 Scripting
Scripting is the use of configuration files (.cfg) to create new keybinds and aliases automating complex behaviors and console command sequences. Unlike hacking, scripting is built into Team Fortress 2 and is not banned by VAC (Valve Anti-Cheat). Uses of scripting vary from simply binding a key to a command to self-referential loops and nested aliases that redefine one another. Any functionality that can be created with scripting can also be accomplished without it, but scripting allows these functionalities to be used in the heat of battle.


Example of a banned script:
-The chargeturn script (this includes the use of other peripherals to achieve sharper turn angles with shields)

1.9 The Staff Team

1.9.1 Who to contact
Contact a Moderator or Staff Trial for questions regarding the discord, reporting someone for poor behavior or questions regarding the season itself (not season rules).

Contact an Admin for questions regarding the season rules, if a match doesn’t seem to start, for default results or if there was fraud regarding mercs.
You may contact an Admin for the same reasons as a Moderator if no Moderators or Staff Trials are available.

Contact an Anti-Cheat Admin if you suspect an exploiter or cheater.

Contact a Head Admin if you think another staff member is being corrupt or you would like to donate.
You may also contact a Head Admin for the same reasons of contacting any other staff member.

We can’t do much without proof.

Staff that are in “do not disturb” or “idle” mode are currently not available. Do not expect fast responses.

Beware of impersonators.

1.9.2 About us
We, the staff, will always do what corresponds to the rules, though we can make mistakes.
When talking to us, we kindly ask you to remain as calm as possible, considering all perspectives and listening to us. In return we will do the same and so we will be able to solve the issue you may have quicker and easier.
We will not attempt to rush things though, and neither should you.
We will not bend the rules and we will attempt to be as unbiased as possible when making and handling decisions.
We truly want to offer you the best experience possible.

You can question the rules, if you do not understand the reason behind a rule, feel free to ask an Moderator through our discord server.

If we ever update the season rules during the season, we will be announcing the updates publicly in our discord server.
Here is an invite to it:
We have separate rules for it in the rules channel.

Thank you for understanding and reading the season rules.
They might be getting updates here and there before the season starts.

All Matches
There are no upcoming matches...


# Team Points Wins Direct Encounter
1 Super Dickmann's KANNONEN! 5 10 3
3 kiti s bakenbardami 2 3 3
4 🐬 2 0 0
6 Phоenix Sun Disbanded 0 0 0


# Team Points Wins Direct Encounter
1 Team Fortress 2 6 6 0
2 We are Finnish 5 6 0
3 Umud+8 2 8 5
4 Multipla 2 6 3
5 REFORMED F.C. 2 3 1
6 Dneprovskoe Dno 1 1 0
7 Concerned Christian Mothers 2: Danger in the Manger 0 1 0

Open A

# Team Points Wins Direct Encounter
1 Granny, it's past your bedtime! 4 7 3
2 Paralyzed Mind Squad 4 3 0
3 Gamer Time 3 2 0
4 Project Moonglow 1 0 0
5 BGT Disbanded 0 0 0
6 we show up Disbanded 0 0 0

Open B

# Team Points Wins Direct Encounter
1 heh 6 1 0
2 Grenades , Crits & Scrumpy 4 0 0
3 PivoCup 0 2 0
4 Gveret M -4 2 0
5 teapаrty Disbanded 0 0 0
6 S C O O P Disbanded 0 0 0