Moscow LAN 2019

Moscow LAN is coming back for another shot

The Only Russian
LAN you're able to attend

This time we came in prepared for foreigners

Moscow LAN is an annual Team Fortress 2 tournament taking place in Moscow (obviously).

Summer 2018 LAN took place in Cyberspace Riviera with more than 60 participants coming in to claim the title and fight for the sweet money and the glory. We had in-game medals too!

People tend to learn by their mistakes. We had both positive and negative feedback regarding the event and took our time to plan as much as we can in advance. We're expanding out production and tournament quality, speaking and working with talented community enthusiasts.

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# Team Points
1 D R I P P Y 13
2 B52 10
3 уротцы eSports 2 6
4 Triple D. ✓✓✓ 3
5 Central 3
6 Chernosliv 3
7 PivDiv 0