[AU/NZ] The Palaise Limitless 6v6 Tournament

No restrictions 6v6. Play TF2 your way.
Discord: https://palaise.tf
Steam Group: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/Palaise
Twitter: https://twitter.com/palaisetf2
Servers: https://discord.io/Qixalite
The commands to load the Qixalite server configs are as follows:
"rcon pal-koth" used for King of the hill
"rcon pal-standard" used for 5CP
"rcon pal-stopwatch" used for Payload and Attack/Defend
Signups: Signups close April 10, 11:59pm
Start Date: The event season will start on the 12th of April

An extensive overview of the rules can be found in our discord.
Join the discord at https://palaise.tf
Servers can be booked from our good friends over at Qixalite https://discord.io/Qixalite

Basic rules
-2 maps per week.
-Each map win is 2 points.
-Arrange a time to play in the match comms before the Thursday of the following week.
-Play whatever combination of classes and weapons you want.
-No toxicity.
-No cheating.


The Palaise Limitless 6v6 Tournament

# Team Points
1 Our Kitchen Rules 4
2 ad hominem attack 4
3 Millen Enterprises 4
4 Nocturnal is the best 4
5 Permaheavy 4
6 Qantas 2
7 Fun police + prisoner Jack "Fun Enthusiast" Firebrand 2
9 Disco-Tex and his Sex-O-Lettes 2
10 Gears and the Big Queers 2
11 Wait what? 2
12 Trashcan Tyrants 2
13 Inc is really cute 0
14 86r9t7yhuiojnmkd68475ftoguyipnop[ 0
15 Moronic Interrogative? 0
16 I'm On The Train!!! 0
17 seppo boys 0
18 FrozenBread 0
19 temporary team name that can be changed later 0
20 Trash.XD 0