The Custom Cup

The Custom Cup is a TF2 6s tournament played entirely on custom maps, ranging from completely normal to completely insane! Join up with a team of 6 players, win matches and maybe you’ll win keys from the 100+ key prize pool!



Our Discord link is:
All team captains are REQUIRED to join the Discord. All match information and server information will be provided there when matches are played.

How To Join

If you want to join, great! Start a team onsite, get 6 (main) players and join up on this page. Once you’ve done that, join our Discord and use the #approve-team channel.

The tournament has a limit of 24 entered teams.

Teams will have a roster limit of 12 (6 main players and 6 backup/sub players) and you will be required to have at least 6 players on your team to participate. Only 6 players on your roster will be distributed prize keys should you qualify for them. It is up to player’s to give your backup players keys should they want to.


The dates may be subject to change, so make sure you’re in our Discord to stay notified.
Currently, the planned dates are:

Signups End: June 7th
Week 1:
Saturday, June 15th: Match 1
Sunday, June 16th: Match 2
Week 2:
Saturday, June 22nd: Match 3
Sunday, June 23rd: Match 4
Week 3:
Saturday, June 29th: Match 5
Sunday, June 30th: Match 6 (tie-breaker matches are played as well on this day)

Week 4 (Final):
Date TBD: Double-elimination bracket.

Default match time is subject to change and hasn't been decided yet, as always make sure to join the Discord to stay up to date!


The tournament will have a limit of 24 entered teams, however, to compensate we have a hefty prize pool of 100+ keys!

The currently planned prize pool is:
48 keys - 1st place
24 keys - 2nd place
18 keys - 3rd place
12 keys - 4th place


The matches will be played on NA servers, however, players from other regions are allowed to participate!


We plan to stream at least the grand finals of the tournament, but we can’t share much information on that yet as we keep working on the tournament!


We have medals complete. When Valve adds them, everyone will be rewarded with a medal corresponding to their placement in the tournament!
Tasty medals.

Map Pool

The map pool for now is:
- koth_trainsawlazer_pro |
- koth_synthetic_rc5 |
- cp_kalinka_rc5 |
- cp_reckoner_rc4a |
- pl_skirmish_b3 |
- pl_badwater_smol |
The maps to be played on each week are yet to be determined. The grand final will be a pick/ban of this map selection.

Recording demos is required. Please record all your matches!

All team captains are required to join our Discord. We encourage you to invite your roster to the Discord to make things simpler.

Roster limit is 6 main players, 6 back-up/sub players. Only the main players will be distributed keys.

Once the season begins the rosters will be locked. All roster changes from then must be approved by a coordinator. If you require a large roster change (more than 2 players) then you will need to provide all the reasoning for such a change. You are only allowed two roster changes during a season.

Team Changes
Team changes are not allowed (you may not switch team to another in the tournament mid-season)

Class Limits
- 2 scout
- 2 soldier
- 1 pyro
- 1 demo
- 1 heavy
- 1 engineer
- 1 sniper
- 1 med
- 2 spies

Players from regions outside of NA are allowed to play! But please keep in the mind you might suffer from unplayable levels of lag.

Any teams found with a cheater on their roster during the cup will be immediately disqualified, receive nothing and the cheater will be permanently banned from participating in future tournaments hosted by Custom Cup. The roster, however, will be allowed to play in future tournaments but this will operate on a two-strike system.

If you suspect a player of violating any rules, ask a coordinator which players you suspect and we will reach out and attempt to get their demos for review. We will not review matches played prior to the most recent one you’ve played.

Player Changes During Match
Player changes will not be allowed to occur during the match unless a player has technical issues. That player will not be allowed to rejoin during the match if a player change occurs. The player change must fall under these qualifications:
- Must be on the team’s roster
- Can only happen a maximum 2 times per match

Bug Abuse
Rejoining the server to bypass spawn times is banned.

All map exploits are banned. If you want to know if something is a map exploit, contact a coordinator.

All game exploits are also banned. Contact a coordinator with an example to know if it qualifies.

Abusing cl_interp by making it higher than the default is banned.

Depending on the severity of the bug abused, you may receive a forfeit for the match you abused in.

Minimum Players
There must be at least 5 rostered players present for a match to be allowed to start. If teams don’t present at least 5 players to a match, the match will be forfeit.

Servers are provided by Custom Cup staff, servers not provided by a staff member are not allowed for matches unless approved by Mixer or a coordinator.

All matches will be played using UGC server configs.

Teams are allowed 2 mercs maximum in the case of the team being unable to get 6 people ready. The enemy team is allowed to deny mercs within reason.

If the enemy team requests a pause, then your team must pause. All pauses must be within reason. Valid reasons include, but aren’t limited to:
- Player technical issues
- Server issues
- Calling an admin