The Ultimate Ultiduo Tournament 3

The ultiduo/mge lord yet again..

Ever since the second tournament I've received SO MANY requests to make another one that I couldn't delay it anymore. This time around we are going completely clear of any organisations - and it looks very promising that we will deliver even better quality of a competition and entertainment than before, especially with our special playoffs coverage. But that later, I have to finish this intro first, therefore I present to you.. The Ultimate Ultiduo Tournament 3!

Better maps & better rules!

I did my utmost to take the best of the previous tournaments - BO5 for Grand Finals was way too strenuous, on the other hand 3 maps only to choose among was insufficient, which resulted in rules that not everybody favoured. In addition, we've taken a brave step and banned resupplying (load_itempreset or changing cosmetic in spawn in order to respawn). All of the rules and map changes you can find below.

Sorry NAs, we still only cover Europe at this moment. The reason stems from the fact that I cannot secure a prize pool and coverage for North America, otherwise I'd gladly host one for you in parallel with EU. Everyone can sign up for EU, of course, but keep in mind the ping disadvantage.

The tournament is taking place on 6th-7th April [Group Stages] and 13th-14th April [Playoffs]

All matches after Quarterfinals will be played in a BO3 (including Grand Finals) and all matches before that - in a BO1. Yet, we are still making use of 5 maps in total, with the pick/ban process explained in detail on the rules page:

  • ultiduo_baloo_v2
  • koth_ultiduo_r_b7
  • ultiduo_seclusion_b3
  • ultiduo_acropolis_b2
  • ultiduo_lookout_a7

Acropolis has been suggested to me by the mapmaker in the first tournament, and I didn't refuse quite kindly (sorry). I thought we could give it a try in a competitive environment and see how it plays out, everyone that I played it with enjoyed it quite a lot in fact.

The tournament will be produced and covered by Lucky and a small team of other beer-addicted brits, the Playoffs stage and the Grand Finals will be streamed from a live studio where you can see live on camera reactions from the casting couch as well as watch them make their (most likely incorrect and intoxicated) predictions as to who will claim the title as the kings of nerdy-duo.

Prize pool:
Not affiliated with any organisations means that we begin our prize pool quite scarce. Last time we had 100+ keys worth of donations towards it, though, so we will most likely have a good amount by the signups deadline. We should be able to offer:

100 keys (Unknown amount by the end of tournament) DM reserved slots for the top 16 teams, generously donated by maly! premium codes, very generously donated by Arie!
EDIT: Incredible thanks to OLGHA for donating 44 keys and Arie for donating 20 keys, together with premium codes to the prize pool! Together with two other donations, we have 80 keys as of right now. You guys are awesome! The prize pool shall be distributed as following:

1st Place: 50 keys, 2 x 6 months premium codes, 2 x 3 months DM reserved slots
2nd Place: 30 keys, 2 x 3 months premium codes, 2 x 3 months DM reserved slots
3rd Place: 20 keys, 2 x 3 months premium codes, 2 x 3 months DM reserved slots
Top 16: 2 x 3 months DM reserved slots

Donations of 5 keys and more will be rewarded with a precious glowing helper medal and a special role in the discord, with all of the donations going towards the prize pool! All the medals you can find here:

Sign up:
Signing up for the tournament happens either by signing up here or through our discord:

Steps explained there.

Everything that I haven't covered must already be in the rules or in the discord. For any other questions, I'm available and will most likely answer faster there. Sign ups deadline is on 4th April and all rounds will be randomly generated by challonge.

Have fun everyone!


All rules, as well as further information including signing up, you can find here:
I will cover the signing up process below as well, which has also been changed a tad bit.

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