Cap That Cup

CTF has always been a flawed gamemode, however, it is part of TF2, and Valve wants to include it in their vision for competitive - what our cup wants to achieve is to try and find the right settings and maps to make CTF a more fun experience, while keeping as few class and weapon limitations as possible, so it is as close to normal experience you COULD have in Valve competitive.

The cup is set for April 27th. The deadline for registering your teams is set for the 20th of April. Yes, there are medals planned.

Join us at our discord here -

The Match Rules

  • For a match to be valid, at least 5 players must be present in each team. That means that a 6v5 or 5v5 match will be valid, but anything below this will be a default win for the team that is full or has the minimal amount of players (5), unless both teams agree to play regardless of that.
    • You may have up to 2 subs, and you are allowed to invite up to 1 merc, if the other team agrees.
    • You may not have anyone that isn't part of the match in the spectator mode - you may allow your friends and such to watch the match only through STV.
    • Do not attempt to use any exploits or game/balance breaking bugs (such as finding a way around class limitations), that may have an impact on the match - doing so might result in even being kicked from the cup.
    • Class limits are 1 for Engineer and Heavy; other classes do not have a limit.
    • The Cup has a custom whitelist, that you must use and can be seen here -

Game Rules

  • The timelimit is 30 minutes and the first team to get 3 caps wins the match; if no team gets 3 caps within the set timelimit, a stalemate round will have to be played (by executing CTF_cup_stalemate.cfg); the stalemate round has no timelimits, and the first cap wins the match.

  • Intel returns on touch, and cannot be capped, unless your intel is in the base.

    • No crits are given upon capturing.
    • No random bullet/damage spread, no random crits.

Our discord features a channel specifically for suggestions/criticism/feedback - feel free to use it!

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