CustomLander TF2

CustomLanderTF2 was created to offer an organized competitive environment for players of all experience levels to battle for the purpose of having fun while improving their skills and teamwork.

CLTF2 is a competitive environment using not regular league maps, instead we are using newer maps of map makers. Our goal is to give the respect map creators deserve and to test them in a competitive way.

CLTF2's Divison is called Main it can consist of a mixture of Open - High. This means that you have to make a balanced team consisting of atleast 2 open players on your roster.

The Cup's sign-ups closed early22th of March due to a Max Team Capacity being added. Rosters will be locked on the 26th of March. The Cup will start on the 30th of March which is a Saturday. The 1st Map pl_shipment will be played at 19:00 cet+1 / The 2nd Map cp_wetlands will be played at 20:00 cet+1 / The 3rd Map koth_riviera will be played at 21:00 cet+1

CLTF2's Discord

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For Participating you will be rewarded with medals!


Medals being worn

CLTF2 contains rules which should be kept in mind!
1. Any sort of cheating will result in a Permanent Ban such as Third Party Programs that grant an unfair advantage like knowing the Position and Stats of enemies at any time! Abuse of RCON in game server will result in a default win for the enemy team! This applies for Map exploits too!!
2. When Participating a sense of Respect and Sportsmanship should held. Toxicity and Threats are prohibited in every way , this will result in a warning! You should remember that this Cup is meant for fun and improving your skill level!
3. When playing in a Match we would like you to record your point of view [pov] with a demo. When reporting someone who was suspected of using any sort of exploits/cheats , Proof will be needed , such as Screenshots and a Demo POV.

All Matches
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Main A

# Team Points Wins
2 We are Finnish 11 2
3 Rotten Fresh Meat 7 1
4 lollipop gang 3 0

Main B

# Team Points Wins
1 Paralyzed Mind Squad 12 2
2 Sunburst 7 1
3 happy cup friends 4 0
4 фабрициуса бурса 3 1

Main C

# Team Points Wins
1 FFF 12 2
2 we show up 8 1
3 Heavy Medicine Prolander 4 0
4 Briannas boys! -3 0

Main D

# Team Points Wins
1 mxteam 6 0
2 Reality Check 3 0
3 Drunken Demo Knights 0 0
4 20złpsc -3 0

Main E

# Team Points Wins
1 PivoCup 12 2
2 heh 8 1
3 KgBRM 4 0
4 EIST -3 0

Main F

# Team Points Wins
1 open kings 15 3
2 BGT 8 1
3 Alpha 7 1
4 Nintendo 1 0