Highlander Showdown -Season 2- Powered by Mannco.store

Our long awaited Highlander Season 2 Showdown tournament is here! The tournament will be a weekly tournament and will begin on Monday the 24th of June and will last for 5 weeks (+playoffs weeks).

The cup is for teams of all skill levels. There are two divisions, Main and Invite. When you apply to join, an Admin will review your request and place you in a suitable division. You can't have players from a higher division playing in a lower division.
Note: Teams who have reached 1st place in their ETF2L division will be moved to a higher division here.

Invite: ETF2L Prem and Div-1
Main: ETF2L Div-2 and Mid
Open: ETF2L Low and Open

Help and Info
Join our discord server (https://discord.gg/kudjAXD) so we can contact you if need be.
You can use the #looking-for-players channel if you're a team captain in need of players, and you can use the #looking-for-team channel if you're a player in need of a team.
If there is any trouble with matches, go to #match-disputes and follow the instructions there, and if you need some general help with the cup, go to #help.

The Maps
The regular tournament season will last for 5 weeks and the playoffs will last for 4 weeks extra, making it 9 weeks total, if you made it to the playoffs. Default date is every Saturday at 20 CEST.

The map pool for the regular season is:
Week 1: pl_badwater
Week 2: cp_gravelpit
Week 3: pl_summercoast_rc6
Week 4: koth_coalplant_b8 & koth_product_rc9
Week 5: cp_steel

Invite 1st place:
$70 on mannco.store and 9x 6 month serveme.tf premium codes + 1st place medals

Main 1st place:
$30 on mannco.store + 1st place medals

Open 1st place:
1st place medals

We currently have three medals for this season, a 1st place medal for the winner team, a finalist medal for everyone who made it to playoffs, and a participant medal for everyone who participated and didn't receive another medal.

Participant: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1387695551
Finalist: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1387686169
1st place: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1387681786


-1. How to sign up and what skill level should I be?
-2. How does Solo que work?
-3. Maps
-4. Match FAQ
-5. Config rules
-6. Mercs/Ringers
-7. Cheating
-8. Rules during a match
-9. After the matches
-10. match.tf

Links: Discord / Steam

For any questions you can’t find here, ask our Admins on the HLMixes+More TF2 server or just message me on discord @NikolaNido#3187


This is a guide to join the tournament.
There are two ways to sign up for the HLMixes and More tournaments.

  1. The first one is by using #looking-for-playerschannel in the HLMixes+More Discord if you're a team captain in need of players, and you can use the #looking-for-teamchannel if you're a player in need of a team.

  2. By using the Solo Que.< Read more about the Solo Que FAQ how the it works.
    Q - What sort of experience should do I require for the tournament.
    A - Players of all skill levels, we have two divisions, Main and Invite

No. 2:

FAQ - Solo Que
General information about Solo Que.

Q. What is solo que?
A. Solo que is a way to find a team in HLMixes + More tournament, but instead of players finding each other admins will form your teams based on your most desired classes

Q. What sorts of requirements I need to play in solo que?
A. Same as any team. Meaning that anyone can join.

Q. How many solo que teams will there be?
A. Depends on the number of players present in solo que.
How do I sign up?

Q. How do I sign up for solo que?
A. message "?solo" in #solo

Q. What data should I say after the "?solo" command?
A. Can you lead a team, your main class, the classes you can off class to confidently, your match.tf profile and your discord id (example. NikolaNido#3187).
After signing up.
Q. Why did my message disappear after typing it?
A. Mix Botis configured that way that it automatically deletes your message from that channel and pastes it in an admin only channel.

Q. What if I can't play or I have found a team?
A. Just message me or any of the admins and we will delete your solo que application.
Q. What should I do as a leader of solo que?
A. The same as any leader, try to find scrims to practice, make sure that you have players ready to play on time.
Q. What happens when our teams form?
A. You will get invited in a discord server and after choosing your leader he will get an owner on that server, we can make a team for you on match.tf and transfer ownership, or you can do it yourself.

You can copy this and answer it instead of typing it.
?solo Can I lead a team? –
My main class is:
I can offclass to:
My match.tf profile is:
My discord id is:



Players will be playing on maps chosen by admins week by week.
Three main game modes will be played being king of the hill, payload and 5cp with possibility of attack/defense maps.
Maps will range from Team Fortress 2 standards like pl_upward and koth_product to community only maps like koth_ashville.
How to download maps:

You can set up a serveme server with a map so it will download from there and install it by itself.
You can download maps from here. And install them by putting them in the
D:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf\download\maps
HLMixes+More Season 2 tournament map pool is:

  • Week 1: pl_badwater.
  • Week 2: cp_logjam.
  • Week 3: pl_snowycoast.
  • Week 4: koth_coalplant_b8 & koth_product_rc9
  • Week 5: cp_steel



Q - What is CEST and CET?
A - CEST (Central Europe Summer Time) and CET (Central Europe Time) are time zones in the center of the Europe. If you have trouble with time zones ask help from

Admins or google a time zones to convert it.
Q - When do the matches start?
A - All matches start at 20 CEST/CET on a Saturday by default. If the teams agree to a different time than it’s alright, but contact admins.
Q - What servers should I use.
A - All matches use European servers unless it’s agreed on by BOTH teams to play somewhere else.
Q - When we have all the players in the server and the enemy does not what should we do?
A - If a team is Ready to play for 15 minutes without the other team getting there on time the team with players will have a default win.
Q - Are there banned weapons?
A - Yes, we use the etf2l_9v9 cfg for whitelists. The list of all banned weapons can be found here.



To execute configurations in serveme servers the server owner types in the developer console "rcon exec CONFIGNAME"
Config names are displayed next to the configs themselves.
5cp maps (etf2l_9v9_5cp)
- Time limit 30 minutes
- The team that has won more rounds (or first to 5 rounds) in 30 mins wins.
koth maps (etf2l_9v9_koth)
- Winlimit 3 (The first team that wins 3 rounds wins.)
Payload maps stopwatch (etf2l_9v9_stopwatch)
- 2 Rounds, both on attack and defense
- Team that had better time wins
If you see a team not playing with the right config try to make them change it, if the team does not want to change configs report the issue to the admin team. If the team is new try to explain how to change it, or ask for permissions.


Mercs (Ringers)

Mercs are the players who fill for your team mates if they can’t play.
Mercs are not on your active roster.
Mercs should still obey all skill level rules as other players.
Teams can have up to 3 mercs per match, more than 3 and it’s considered a default loss.

Players of the same skill level as the division they are mercing in are considered as default mercs. 2 default mercs is the maximum amount of default mercs you can have. You're still allowed to have 1 more merc that has to be accepted by the enemy.



Cheating is strictly forbidden and will be dealt with.
If you suspect a player is cheating it’s best to send the demo to the admin team for analyzing.
If a player has had a VAC ban they can still play if:
1. The VAC was from another game
2.The player has learned from his mistake and has stopped cheating. (we don’t want someone not to be able to play because 3 years ago he thought it would be fun to troll players on casual)


Rules during a match

All players should be ready to play within 15 minutes of the agreed on match time, but all of them must be ready within 15 minutes of the enemy team’s ready up.
Maximum of 3 mercs per match.
Having a screenshot of the end result and the demo of a match. (not 100% required for everyone, but we would like to have a demo and a screenshot of the scoreboard for each of the games that’s played).
Offensive language to teammates/enemies is forbidden. (will be dealt with regards of the number of times someone has been offensive and the thing that someone says)

No cheating.
If a team has to pause, use the pause command in the developer console.
A max. pause time of 5 minutes per map only.
By typing “pause” in the developer console the game stops and no unfair advantage could happen. (During season 1 a team didn’t pause properly so the other team built uber during a pause)


After a match.

After a match players should contact admins because it’s hard to keep track of all the teams and everything.
We don’t know every player in your team so please send your scores via a screenshot and your team names so we can manually update the site.

If you have anything you wanted to ask about a match, maybe report someone for inappropriate behavior just send it directly to one of the admins or to #match-disputes in the discord server.
If someone forfeits before a match just say it to the admin providing a screenshot of the enemy captain forfeiting.



match.tf is a site admins use for organizing the tournaments.
All players are required to have a match.tf profile.
match.tf profile is made simply by logging in with your steam account.
After making your match.tf profile the team captain needs to invite all the teammates to the team and when you get a full team apply for the tournament.

All Matches
There are no upcoming matches...


# Team Points
1 Feila Esports 17
2 Super Dickmann's KANNONEN! 14
3 La maison des putains 7
4 heh 7
5 сизо#17 6


# Team Points
1 Divided Attention 19
2 Team Fortress 2 16
3 Vital Dispenser Pick 9
4 BGT 9
5 Dneprovskoe Dno 6
6 neperedatslovami 6
8 PivoCup 3
9 Paralyzed Mind Squad Disbanded 0


# Team Points
1 Happy Murder Family 17
2 Umud+8 12
3 Polish Campfire 11
4 Semi-Adults who play too many video games 7
5 AntiAnimeSquad 6
6 razBorka 0
7 snow is cold Disbanded 0