KnightComp League (KCL) Season 1

KnightComp is a competitive 6v6 format where you can have up to 6 Demoknights, up to 1 Soldier and up to 1 Medic. KnightComp League Season 1 will provide medals to participants!

KnightComp League Discord

Regular season is complete, but the playoffs have started! All brackets available via the below links.

The full playoffs schedule is provided below. The default dates are the Saturdays (Tuesdays for the half weeks):

Week 1 (Sat 27th Apr -> Mon 29th Apr): UB Round 1
Week 2 (Sat 4th May -> Mon 6th May): UB Round 2 + LB Round 1
Week 2.5 (Tues 7th May -> Thurs 9th May): LB Round 2
Week 3 (Sat 11th May -> Mon 13th May): UBF + LB Round 3
Week 3.5 (Tues 14th May -> Thurs 16th May): LBF
Week 4 (Sat 18th May -> Mon 20th May): GF

Default time: 7PM (CEST for EU, and EST for NA)

For reference, map pool consists of:

These rules are heavily inspired by ETF2L's rules, so they will be very similar. Do let me know if you have any questions. We reserve the right to update these rules at any point.

Section 1: Servers

KnightComp uses a set of server configs (and an optional plugin) to enforce the rules of the KnightComp format. In your matches, you must use up-to-date versions of the server configs.
We personally recommend using servers from, as they have the KnightComp config and plugin pre-installed. Alternatively, is usable but they only offer the config, not the plugin.
Should you use one of these server rental services, the only required step would then be to execute the config via the exec [filename] command. Correct filenames are knightcomp_5cp and knightcomp_koth. If the no-stickies plugin is on the server, it should automatically be enabled.

If you wish to install KnightComp configs on your own server, you can download the necessary files here! To use, you should upload the .cfg and .txt files to your server’s tf/cfg folder. Before a match is played you must execute this config via rcon exec [filename] in the developer console. The no-stickies plugin is not required for proper games of KnightComp but it is highly recommended because it prevents accidental misfiring of the stock Stickybomb Launcher.

Maps and corresponding configs:
Control Points (5CP) and King of the Hill (KOTH) are the only two gamemodes played in this league. Depending on the map, you will have to choose between two .cfg files to execute for your matches:

  • KnightComp_5CP.cfg - Control Points

KnightComp_KOTH.cfg - King of the Hill

DO NOT execute "KnightComp.cfg", as it is simply used as a base for the other two configs, and therefore does not contain any gamemode-specific win conditions. You must execute the file that corresponds with the gamemode.

Golden Cap
In the event of a Golden Cap (5CP tie-breaker match), the following commands should be changed to the following values:

mp_winlimit 1
mp_windifference 0
mp_timelimit 0

You can change these commands by entering rcon [followed by the command] in the console, if you have rcon access.

Server location
Choose a server that is based in your chosen division. For example, if you are in the NA Division, you may not force an enemy team to play in a European server. However, if both teams agree to play in a server of a different region, then go for it.

Password protection
All match servers should use a password to prevent unwanted players from joining.

Unusual server settings
Odd server settings may be viewed as cheating. Please ensure that you're not doing anything strange with your server commands before using it in a league match.

All servers should use sv_pure 2, which will prevent players from using certain mods to gain an unfair advantage. Putting it in your server's launch options is recommended. Or, alternatively, use or to avoid this worry.

Section 2: General Rules

KnightComp Time Zone - CET/CEST for EU and EST for NA
For EU division, we will be announcing all times in Central Europe Time (CET) or Central European Summer Time (CEST). For NA division. it will be EST. All match communications regarding time must use the respective time zone. You may use Google search (e.g. "CET time") to show the current time in the time zone.

If any team reaches the maximum forfeit loss count, they will be disbanded and disqualified from that season of KCL. The max forfeit loss count for Season 1 will be 4. This is mainly due to the fact that this rule was added during Wk3 of Season 1. The max forfeit loss count for all future seasons will be 3. If future seasons do see division implementation, it is most likely this number will be different depending on the division.

Default match times
Default match time is 7PM for both time zones. Additional info can be found in #calendar on our Discord channel. We'll also try to update the page here with such info. The default match day and date may only be changed if both teams agree to play at an earlier point.

15 minute delay is allowed
If your team fails to be on the server more than 15 minutes over the established start time, the opposing team will be allowed to claim a default win if they want.
If you want to claim a default win for this reason, take a scoreboard screenshot and gather as much evidence as possible to support your case, then contact admins. We reserve the right to deny your claim if it is evident that the match can take place normally.

Match reporting
At the end of a match, a leader (either yours or theirs) must post (on the match comms) a final scoreboard screenshot showing the final score of the match, as well as a link. This will serve as your proof of the match having taken place and the results being correct.

Use match comms agreements
Please use the match comms channel on to stay in touch with opponents, as these discussions can be read by moderators with full certainty, if need be. All agreed match date/time reschedules, confirmed mercenaries and so on should be noted here by both leaders to ensure a full agreement is impossible to sneakily back out of.

Section 3: Players

Players of any region are allowed to play
Though we only allow for EU and NA divisions, players from other regions (e.g. Asia or Australia) may also participate if they want. However, we do reserve the right to deny certain players from playing if need be.

No team changes allowed
The team you start with is the team you will finish with.

Every player must record Demos
A Demo replay is a .dem file that can be used by TF2 to replay a match you recorded. You can record demos via the in-game Demo Support settings in Advanced options, or by manually typing ds_record in console, which will record all gameplay from that point and save it as a .dem when the match is over or after a disconnect. When recording Demos is required, it becomes a good tool for catching foul play.

A Demo file can be requested for inspection by an admin, if they suspect foul play. Admins can request as many Demos as required, at any point, so make sure you keep them saved.

If an opposing team suspects foul play from you, opposing teams may request your Demo file to be looked at by an admin. Enemy team members may only request Demo file inspections up to 48 hours after the match's scheduled start time, and are limited to only requesting Demos from 2 players. A player who is asked to provide their Demo MUST provide a Demo showing all rounds played, and must provide said Demo within 72 hours starting from the time the request was made.

Valid reasons for requesting a demo from an enemy player includes:
• Enemy player accused of using a banned weapon or class for purposes not detectable by (e.g. sticky jumping)
• Enemy player accused of using software assistance (A.K.A. hacking)

Punishments for not providing Demos
A player who fails to provide a Demo within 72 hours of the request time will incur penalties that become more significant with repeated offences. These are covered below.

Player penalties.
First offence: A warning for the player
Second offence: Player will be banned from all KnightComp matches for two weeks
Third offence: Player will be banned from all KnightComp matches for two months
Fourth offense: Player will be banned from all KnightComp matches for one year

Please don't forget to record your demos.

Offensive chat in-game
Offensive chat, nicknames and avatars will be looked into by the admins if reported.

No sharing of accounts during the season.
All players must play under one Steam account alone, and must not allow a friend to also play under their account for season matches. Playing with multiple accounts, or sharing your account with someone for use in KnightComp Seasons, will be treated as fraud. This may result in reversal of match results if possible, or a league ban.

Players who play in casted matches must use their actual nicknames
If your match is being casted on the official KnightComp Twitch channel, you must play under your normal nickname (as opposed to a joke or alternate name). If an admin asks you to change your nickname, please do so.

Section 4: Teams and Rosters

Roster changes
Once the season starts, roster changes will require approval from an admin.
Once playoffs start, roster changes will be impossible.

Massive roster changes are not allowed unless absolutely needed
If you truly need to change a large part of your roster (essentially becoming a new team), you will have to explain your reasoning to the admins, who will review your case. We reserve the right to deny large-scale roster changes if they appear suspicious or unnecessary. It may be easier to convince the admins if it is very early in the season.

Player changes during matches
Teams are allowed to swap players at any point in the match, with some limitations.
1. The new player must be part of their roster
2. This must not be done to bypass spawn times
3. You may never have more than 6 players on your team at any point
4. This may only happen once per match

Minimum number of players to start
You may not start your match with less than 5 players on your team. You must have either 5 or 6 players.
If you start with 5 but this ends up reducing to 4 (for example, if someone left), the match may continue. This is NOT true for someone joining your team to become 7 players, as this is breaks another rule elsewhere.

A maximum of 2 mercs can be called in, in the event where you are unable to get rostered players to play. The enemy team has the right to deny certain mercs if they feel that the merc is significantly more skilled than the rostered player he would be replacing.
You must get permission from the enemy team to use a merc, and proof of this permission (and the merc's steam profile) both need to be provided at the end of your game along with the usual logs of your match and scoreboard screenshot.
Using mercs without permission will result in default losses.

Spectator Mode
Only authorized KnightComp spectators are allowed to spectate. This mainly applies to KnightComp League casters or KnightComp League admins who are authorized to spectate.

Should your team need to pause the game for any reason (e.g. a player of yours just disconnected, or you encounter server issues), you may request a pause.
This request must be clear, with a valid reason. E.g. "Our Soldier just disconnected. Enemy team, please pause". The opposing team is then required to pause at the first appropriate time (e.g. not currently in a large fight or a push). Not complying with a pause will incur warnings or even larger penalties such as match forfeits, depending on severity.

There are a few notes you must be aware of:
• You must not unpause the game without warning the enemy team that an unpause will occur. A 5 second warning is appreciated.
• Each team has the right to 1 pause
• You may not pause for more than 5 minutes unless the enemy team allows it
• If the enemy team allows your pause to last for more than 5 minutes, you are expected to give them the same courtesy if they need to pause for a similar amount of time.

To pause the game, type pause in the developer console. Typing pause in console again will unpause the game.

Section 5: Gamemode rules

Match rules
KnightComp is a gamemode that follows a very strict ruleset to morph the gameplay into a new experience. With that in mind, players must follow the following rules:

5CP maps
Players aim to take ownership of all 5 control points on a map. Doing this wins the round! To win the match, you must win 5 more rounds than the enemy team (e.g. 5-0, 6-1, 7-2), or you must have more won rounds than the enemy once the server timelimit (initially at 30 minutes) hits zero.

5CP maps are played with mp_winlimit 0, mp_windifference 5, mp_timelimit 30

5CP - Tiebreaker Round (Golden Cap)
If the server timelimit hits zero and the game results in a tie, a tiebreaker round (Golden Cap) will be played to determine the victor. This round will be played with mp_winlimit 1, mp_windifference 0 and mp_timelimit 0. You must play this round until a victor is determined, "stalemates" are not counted as the round ending.

KOTH maps
A map with one control point that must be fought over. Usually, whichever team has point possession for 3 minutes will win the round! Be the first team to win 3 rounds to win the match.
KOTH is played with mp_winlimit 3, mp_timelimit 0, mp_windifference 0.
Ties are impossible in KOTH maps, so there is no need for a golden cap round on KOTH.

Banned Classes
Players are not allowed to use the following classes:
• Scout
• Pyro
• Heavy
• Engineer
• Sniper
• Spy

Banned weapons
Players are not allowed to use the following weapons:
• Stickybomb Launcher
• Scottish Resistance
• Sticky Jumper
• Quickiebomb Launcher
• Vaccinator
• B.A.S.E. Jumper

The rules on banned weapons and classes must be followed even if the server doesn't enforce them. For example, if the server is missing the no-stickybomb-launcher plugin, you are still forbidden from using stickybomb launchers.

Teams must not use any more than 1 Soldier. In addition, they must not use more than 1 Medic. There is no limit on how many Demomen you can use on a team.

Punishments for breaking rules regarding classes and weapons
Using a banned class/weapon or using 2+ Soldiers or using 2+ Medics will result in a default being awarded to the opposing team. You shouldn't be able to do this anyway if the server is set up well.

Section 6: Exploiting and Cheating

Though a vague rule, we need to make this clear. Usage of any significant bugs or exploits in the map or game is not allowed. If you are unsure of whether something is allowed or disallowed, please ask an admin.

We have a zero tolerance policy against cheating. Anyone caught using some form of cheat will be banned for a year with no ban appeal possible.

Scripting, similar to bug-abusing, is another vague subject. But anything that gives the player some form of significant advantage that would be impossible without the script is banned.
Like with bugs, if you wish to know whether a certain script is allowed or not, ask an admin before you use it. Please visit #support-and-questions on our Discord whenever you need us.
Do note that the server should have wait commands disabled, as using wait commands is not allowed.

Notable exceptions are:
Null cancelling movement script
FPS configs
Custom HUDs
Duckjump script
Rocketjump script
Mask uber scripts
Team say scripts
No explosion smoke script and similar mods that use those modified files
Jump+Charge buttons (as long as it does not use wait commands or anything similar)
Joystick mapping. This is for you, Reima!

Notes about charge turning
It is common knowledge by now that charge turning exploits are pretty much fixed. As in, it is no longer possible to make a Chargin' Targe's charge turn more than it should. But should a major charge-turning exploit be discovered, it will be disallowed.
Having high FPS does result in some slight extra turn control which we can't realistically ban, so it is allowed.
Utilizing simple binds like +left and +right is allowed, as they are not scripts.
Utilizing joysticks is allowed, as long as it does not lead to any kind of turning exploit. (Which it shouldn't anymore).

Retry command
Players may not abuse the retry command to bypass spawn times. This may be punished with warnings or match forfeits.

Masking or purposefully altering ping
This is not allowed and may be punished with a warning.

Nonsensical cl_interp settings
Anything above the default cl_interp is banned. You may still lower your cl_interp for more responsive play, but purposefully making your game laggier is banned.

All Matches
Upcoming Matches for EU
Home Team vs Away Team
Playoffs Grand Finals Homeless stick scoundrels demoknight XD Match Page


# Team Points Wins Score Difference
1 Homeless stick scoundrels 32 10 29.0
2 Super Dickmann's KANNONEN! 32 9 34.0
3 -_- 30 10 14.0
4 demoknight XD 30 7 20.0
5 Knights all Night! 26 8 31.0
6 The KnightComp Founders 22 7 -9.0
7 Black Lives Matter 20 5 16.0
8 We Have A Team? 18 5 5.0
9 7 Marlborough Buildings BA1 2LX 16 4 13.0
10 Dumbass Crew 16 4 11.0
11 Little Cucumbers 16 4 4.0
12 Cheeky Boys 16 4 2.0
13 DeltoidBoisEksDee 16 4 -3.0
14 тормыш мәгънәсе 16 3 13.0
15 Iliuchi 14 4 9.0
16 Noob Boners 14 4 8.0
17 Galactic Knights 14 3 10.0
18 BaRT 14 3 3.0
19 MSC LAN 14 3 0.0
20 Wolf Paws 14 3 -2.0
21 Reality Check 14 3 -3.0
22 NotTheNameWeWanted 12 3 5.0
23 Janissaries 12 2 7.0
24 Worshippers of the Allmighty Scrungo 12 2 4.0
25 mxteam6 12 2 3.0
26 Knight Out With The Lads 12 2 2.0
27 New Neko Flow 12 2 0.0
28 Crazy Cripples 12 2 -3.0
29 GREEN GIBUS 12 2 -5.0
30 Nintendo 12 2 -8.0
31 AggNitioN 12 1 0.0
32 Niger Gaming 10 3 4.0
33 1R# 10 2 8.0
34 Gruppa Krovi 10 2 4.0
35 ESA Invite 10 2 3.0
36 We Come Here For Medals 10 2 0.0
37 hos utcai fiuk 10 2 -1.0
38 AllMighty Pan! 10 1 -1.0
39 PypeTime 10 1 -14.0
40 Eagles 8 2 2.0
41 Alz's little bois 8 2 1.0
42 The Gibby Busters 8 2 -10.0
43 Weaponized Thiccness 8 1 2.0
44 Scottish Forces 8 1 -3.0
45 Robot. Co. 8 1 -4.0
46 The Pineapples 8 1 -6.0
47 KgBRM 8 1 -10.0
48 Narbix League 8 1 -11.0
49 DemoKings 6 1 -1.0
50 Bawskee 6 1 -1.0
51 Crown of Tizona 6 1 -6.0
52 the ancient cripples 6 0 -5.0
53 The Stout Shako Hunters 6 0 -10.0
54 DemoPan? 6 0 -15.0
55 Demieknights 4 1 -10.0
56 Filthy Casuals 4 1 -12.0
57 Demolition Gang 4 0 -5.0
58 Claidheamh mór is viable 4 0 -10.0
59 retard bird lvoers 4 0 -10.0
60 Don't be Aiden 4 0 -10.0
61 Drunken Demo Knights 4 0 -10.0
62 Peter mad fat 2 0 -18.0
63 Heavy Medicine Disbanded 0 1 3.0
64 izi v nogy popal Disbanded 0 1 2.0
65 sans fans Disbanded 0 0 0.0
66 shwibuda baham Disbanded 0 0 0.0
67 KAUFLAND EMPLOYEES Disbanded 0 0 0.0
68 DemoWankers Disbanded 0 0 0.0
69 good bois Disbanded 0 0 0.0
70 Paradox & The Boys Disbanded 0 0 0.0
71 sword bros Disbanded 0 0 0.0
72 Annoying Mates Disbanded 0 0 0.0
73 PENTA EMERALD Disbanded 0 0 0.0
74 małpa jestem Disbanded 0 0 -1.0
75 PanFam Disbanded 0 0 -3.0
76 Epic Memesters Disbanded 0 0 -3.0
77 A.Z.O3 Disbanded 0 0 -5.0
78 Demo ballers Disbanded 0 0 -5.0
79 Ghost Wolves Disbanded 0 0 -5.0
80 Yer arses arse and I'm the grass man Disbanded 0 0 -5.0
81 MEMEING IS MY LIFE Disbanded 0 0 -5.0
82 20złpsc Disbanded 0 0 -8.0
83 Starboard Crusaders Disbanded 0 0 -8.0
84 Knights Of The Digger Nation Disbanded 0 0 -8.0


# Team Points Wins Score Difference
1 *shoves up ass* 36 11 34.0
2 froyotech 36 10 29.0
3 Names Are Hard 28 9 24.0
4 Ban the Solemn Vow 24 7 3.0
5 black goblin 24 6 25.0
6 Tank War Machine 2 20 5 12.0
7 Bear Hoovy Noises 18 5 12.0
8 Team Blizzard 18 5 8.0
9 Gluten Group 18 5 -8.0
10 Blackjack & Paul Trying To Obtain A Placement Badge (Again) 18 4 10.0
11 LuckyShark 18 4 7.0
12 Furry Fury 16 3 5.0
13 F.S.T. 16 3 0.0
14 washed up beach buds 14 4 13.0
15 Getting Head 14 4 8.0
16 The Gangplank Galleon 14 4 4.0
17 Ohh no its sans 14 4 2.0
18 xChange 14 3 2.0
19 Knight of the Living Demo 14 3 1.0
20 That's how 2fort works 14 3 0.0
21 gg we all ban 12 3 3.0
22 The Rebzel Army 12 3 1.0
23 SHWAN CLAN 12 3 -6.0
24 Zero Tolerance 12 3 -7.0
25 Gibus Gang 12 2 -2.0
26 The Nicoto Adventurers 12 1 -2.0
27 We Ride At Dawn 10 3 5.0
28 NASA 10 2 -1.0
29 Duck Squad 10 2 -4.0
30 Space Cadets 10 2 -5.0
31 team 10 2 -5.0
32 The Usual Suspects 10 1 -3.0
33 Brazilian Bulls 10 1 -4.0
34 Fish Food 10 1 -9.0
35 The Generic Grenadiers 8 2 -1.0
36 Team Pootis Kights 8 2 -1.0
37 6 grubby squatters from tasmania 8 2 -6.0
38 the six horsemen of the apocalypse 8 2 -9.0
39 The Tlacuaches 8 1 2.0
40 Sans 8 1 -7.0
41 Pandomizer 8 0 -15.0
42 Deus Vult! 6 2 2.0
43 ₪TBC₪ The Brutal Crazy 6 1 -4.0
44 Donk 6 0 -8.0
45 Chargin' Crusaderz 6 0 -12.0
46 The Demomommomomomomo 6 0 -13.0
47 Memento Mori 4 0 -5.0
48 S C O O P 4 0 -6.0
49 Frag Society 4 0 -8.0
50 Captain Knuckles Knight's 4 0 -10.0
51 Order of the Red Sword 4 0 -11.0
52 DOGE 4 0 -19.0
53 goders Disbanded 0 1 2.0
54 Killer kangaroos Disbanded 0 0 0.0
55 Meat Smash Mania Disbanded 0 0 0.0
56 Scotts by Heart Disbanded 0 0 0.0
57 Source Demo Maker Disbanded 0 0 -1.0
58 Happy Campers Disbanded 0 0 -3.0
59 Spaghetti Templars Disbanded 0 0 -4.0
60 Hentai Haven Hunters Disbanded 0 0 -5.0
61 Tsarbomba Crusaders Disbanded 0 0 -5.0
62 Kingdom of the Templars Disbanded 0 0 -5.0