CustomLander TF2 | Season 3

CLTF2 is here!

CustomLanderTF2 was created to offer an organized competitive environment for players of all experience levels to battle for the purpose of having fun while improving their skills and teamwork.

CLTF2 is a competitive environment using not regular league maps, instead we are using newer maps of map makers. Our goal is to give the respect map creators deserve and to test them in a competitive way.

CLTF2's Division system.
High: 2 Open-Low players + 4 D2-D1 (No Premier Division players allowed to play CLTF2 (only as a Medic))
Mid: 2 Open-Low players + Mid players (max one high div)
Low: 5 Open-Low players + 1 Mid player or below
Open: 5 Open players + 1 Low player or below

Players with any experience on ETF2L can play Medic in any CLTF2 (Open?) Division, but they are restricted to play any other class during a tournament.

Also Staff can place your team in any division they think you could fit better.

We rate every team individually before placing them in their division. Sure if you'll have old inactive player that had bad D2 experience, you won't be placed in High, only if you'll have 4 of them.

We will use no Group Stage to save players' time. Also we know about UGC and ETF2L, so some days will be left without matches.

Registration Open-Low: 17 January - 31 January
Registration Mid-High (extended): 1 February - 14 February


Default Time = 20 CET. You can change time for a match relying on the ETF2L ruleset.

Grids can be different according to your Division you're playing at:

Open-Low: Single Elimination (8-16 teams) - 1 February; 2 February; 4 February (+ 5 February for 16 team bracket)
Mid-High: Single Elimination (8 teams) or Double Elimination (4 teams) - 15 February, 16 February, 18 February

Map pool!


We are using ETF2L's pick/ban system.

Team A bans a map
Team B bans a map
Team B picks a map
Team A picks a map
Team B bans a map
Team A bans a map
The remaining map is the decider

Team above - A, below - B
Who is Team A/B - explanation

CLTF2's Discord

For Participating you will be rewarded with medals!

Final results are here:

CLTF2 uses ETF2L's ruleset!

ETF2L General Rules / ETF2L Основные Правила
ETF2L 6v6 Rules / ETF2L Правила 6на6

Whitelist - RGL 6v6 No Restrictions [9914]
Server Config - ETF2L 6v6. Also don't forget to use Whitelist.TF on whitelist choose, not from the config one (or you'll have ETF2L 6v6 Whitelist)
Choose this stuff

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# Team Points
1 Klurf and Surf 4
2 Slow freestyle 2
3 tank 0


# Team Points
1 Megahorosh 4
2 Kingor's cocs 2
3 Великолепная Шестерка 0
5 Habib 6s 0
6 that boy stuck in time 0


# Team Points
1 Brygada Stompers 2
2 2fort geniuses 0
3 Creeps&Clops 0
4 Get Good Get LMAOBOX 0
5 Conga Team 0
6 sobbing crabs 0
7 Miedz Legnica 0
8 kopen haga 0
9 Claylexin Askerleri 0
10 Unnamable Cable Pluggin 0


# Team Points
1 cup team 2