MidNight Moon // Season 4

Halloween is about to come, and just like last year we are preparing an event!

• In this year the tournament will be held in the 5v5 format. This mode developing by my partners from Moscow.TF, you can find the rules of the mode in #rules.
• Medals will be presented as a reward.
• Have a question? DM @STAFF.

Wait for news!


  1. Classlimit "1" for all classes;

  2. Team must have Medic;

  3. Default whitelist (ID 12172);

  4. Default time is 20 CET. Teams may start a match with at least 4 players. If a team does not have 4 players ready on the server 15 minutes after default time, the opposing team gets the default win. If both teams are not ready, they receive mutual forfeit;

  5. All players have to record demos. Demos may be requested by team captains and admins;

  6. No more than 1 merc is allowed for a team per match. Mercs must be approved by enemy team leader.

P.S. If anything unusual or not described in rules happens, admins will review those incidents manually.

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