Eurolander Weekend Cup №1

Eurolander Weekend Cup is a two day tournment ment to gauge interest in full time prolander league for european teams. If you are interested in having some good games sign up today! Now with 70 key prize pool!
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Cup will take place from 13th to 15th August. Signups close on 13th at 19;00 CEST.

General Map Rules
Payload maps are played in BO1 format.
Koth maps are played in first to 4 format.

Choosing sides in PL maps
If teams cant agree on sides when playing a payload map heavy fist fight must take place in which member of the winning team has the say. In case of any issues with fist fight contact admin staff at once.

Whitelist and weapon picks/bans
In the group stages you have the right to choose between the default whitelist or if both teams agree they can create their own whitelist using the format below:

Default ban: Machina
Team A bans
Team B bans
Team A Bans
Team B Bans

Team B Picks
Team A Picks
Team B Picks
Team A Picks

Team B Bans
Team A Bans
Team B Bans
Team A Bans

Teams decide what team is team A and what team is team B, if no decision can be made - settle it with a heavy fist fight.
The complete whitelist and the screenshot of pick ban process must be submitted to admin staff. Weapon Pick/Bans will be MANDATORY in playoff games to give additional layer to the challenge.
If you are on a or other hosting sites you won't be able to use our CFG so you need to manually execute these commands with rcon. If you are the one renting the server you can just copy and paste the commands.
The cup whitelist has to be used, unless teams do pick/bans. Lack of doing so will result in both participating teams losing 1 point.

Overturning games (default wins)
All decisions about overturning results will be done in admin staff discretion. The more proof you provide for your claim the more probable is that the case will be concluded swiftly.

Default Time
Cup uses CEST time zone for all its dates. Default time for 1st game is 20 and for 2nd game is 21. Teams upon written agreement may change the time of the game as long as the day is unchanged. All officials must start within 15 minutes of the default time to ensure smooth running of cup put in such small amount of time. If a team refuses to start the game within this time frame contact admin team at once with all the details.

For each division one defmerc is allowed. He has to oblige to all division related restrictions.
Besides one defmerc, on agreement (agreement being considered as written approval or lack of denial eg. reading team up to play) with enemy team, up to two more mercs can be present on the official game.
Mercs must be recorded before the official starts.

Swapping players during the game
Each team is allowed to swap one player per official game, however these changes must be caused by an actual, proven technical issue and have to be agreed upon via in-game chat.

Every player has to record demos. Admins may request your demos anytime while the cup lasts.

Each team has 1 pause/map. Pause time cant exceed 5 minutes. A pause must be requested from the opponent team in the game chat. The opponent team has to pause at the first appropriate time ( example: not in middle of a push) in 15 seconds.

Group 1: All players allowed (Division intented for ETF2L Top tier teams)
Group 2: 1 Player with experience above ETF2L Mid allowed per team (Division intented for ETF2L Mid teams)
Group 3: 1 Player with experience no higher than ETF2L Mid allowed per team (Division intented for ETF2L Low teams)
Group 4: No Players with experience above ETF2L Open are allowed on roster (Division intented for ETF2L Open teams)

All Matches
There are no upcoming matches...

Group 1

# Team Points Wins Buchholz
1 Super Dickmann's KANNONEN! 52 6 24.0
2 yes 34 2 16.0
3 hopebusters 28 2 16.0

Group 2

# Team Points Wins Buchholz
1 1000-7? 72 12 144.0
2 .........slime man 52 8 104.0
3 Choking Hazard 52 7 175.0
6 chungus army assembled 22 1 19.0
7 Thunderbirbs 22 0 0.0
8 postolo 18 0 0.0
9 12 1 20.0
10 Bigz's Racist Legion 12 0 0.0
11 Hell Hounds 10 0 0.0

Group 3

# Team Points Wins Buchholz
1 karasix 62 8 64.0
2 50 6 72.0
3 GEZ 30 2 16.0
4 ADO 22 2 32.0
5 Kaiser PROlander 20 0 0.0
6 clique 0 0 0.0