BBall Showdown Cup

A small tournament for our server

BBall Tournament Information:
Max Teams: 16, Single Elimination, 2v2

July 13th - Sign ups open
July 23rd - Sign ups close
July 24th - Day off Tournament
- First match starts at 6:00pm EST
- Second match 7:00pm EST
- Semi-Finals 8:00pm EST
- Finals 9:00pm EST
(Times may change due to longer games)

Only 2 players per team. 1 Ringer allowed if other team accepts.
First to 25 caps
20 minute time limit
Stock Only
Use etf2l_ball config
Only map that will be used is ctf_ballin_sky

1st: 1st Discord Medal, 1000 XP (each), 5 keys (each)
2nd: Runner up Discord Medal, 500 XP (each), 1 key (each)
3rd and lower: Discord Medal

If you have any questions or want to sign up, join our discord at

Welcome to tournament! Please follow the rules below:

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