CappingTV: The Spring Skirmish

It's been four seasons since our last ultiduo tournament, and we thought why not run a small tournament before the next TF2 season. Will someone finally be able to beat rky/arnold combo? This tournament will be on Saturday the 15th of September. Unlike previous cups, we'll be using a combination of servers from Qixalite and Respawn League (Thanks to core and Kodyn for providing) so we won't have anymore server problems. As this is a small tournament (hence the name) we won't be providing a prize-pool and may not be able to provide medals at this stage.

This tournament is only for players in Australia, New Zealand and some areas of SEA.

Match.TF works a lot like ozfortress's Citadel, To create a team click "Start Team" on the Teams page and then signup on this page.
When the first round starts, all matches will be automatically generated, with connect strings in the match notice. Do not book your own servers. Maps, configs and whitelists will already be executed on connection to the server meaning all you have to do is ready up. Please start your game as soon as players are in the server, we will be on a tight schedule and don't wish to hold the tournament up.

We'll also be providing coverage of the Semi/Grand Finals on CappingTV, make sure your following our Twitch channel to not miss out!

Tournament style has been changed to Double Elimination over 3 rounds to provide a more fair and fun basis for games. Essentially you will no longer be kicked out for losing once. This means we are using a Double Bracket system with an Upper Bracket and Lower Bracket.


Schedule in AEST for Regular Matches
UB Round 1 - 7:40pm on koth_ultiduo_r_b7
UB Round 2 - 8:20pm on ultiduo_obsidiian_a10
LB Round 1 - 8:20pm on ultiduo_obsidiian_a10
UB Round 3 - 9:00pm on ultiduo_grove_b4
LB Round 2 - 9:00pm on ultiduo_grove_b4
LB Round 3 - 9:30pm on ultiduo_baloo_v2
LB Round 4 - ~10:10pm on koth_bunkalow

Schedule in AEST for Playoffs Matches - live at
Semi Finals - 9:50pm BO1 vetoed
Grand Finals - 10:30pm BO3 vetoed

- koth_ultiduo_r_b7
- ultiduo_obsidiian_a10
- ultiduo_baloo_v2
- ultiduo_grove_b4
- koth_bunkalow

At the end of a match, submit your scores immediately after your match, failure to do so will delay the tournament and will lead to a forfeit.

Sign-ups are already open and will be closed Saturday 15th September at 1:00pm AEST, so make sure to signup as soon as possible!


In-Game Rules

  • DO NOT delay the match, by doing this it delays the whole tournament and will lead to automatic forfeits.
  • All matches are Best of Three.
  • The first team who successfully holds the point for 5 minutes wins the round.
  • At the end of the game, you must score yourself on Match.TF. Failing to do so will mean a disqualification of the duo.
  • You are not allowed to cheat or alter the game in anyway, this includes the use of any third-party add-ons, hooks, programs or wrappers that interact with or alter the Team Fortress 2 client. Though custom HUDs and hit sounds are allowed.
  • If you need to pause, make it as short as possible (There is a 3 minute pause limit per team).
  • No mercs are allowed in this tournament.
  • If configs are not loaded on the server (i.e classes other than Soldier and Medic are unlocked) contact an admin and do not start.
  • Failure to be in the organising discord 24 hours prior to the tournament will mean automatic forfeiture to the competition.
  • Matches that are not played on one of our servers will not count towards the tournament, both teams will also be disqualified for that match.
  • 3rd party casters who're interested in casting any of our games must ask an admin prior to the event, CappingTV will always have priority.

Map Pool


Limits and Bans

Duo's are limited to the following class limits:
1 Medic
1 Solider

Duo's are limited to:
Syringe Gun
Medigun (Ubercharge ONLY)

Rocket Launcher
The Original
Escape Plan
The full whitelist is available here.

If you're found using weapons not in the whitelist you will be automatically disqualified from the match, accident or deliberate.

All Matches
There are no upcoming matches...

The Spring Skirmish

# Team Points
1 The Troublesome Twinks 10
2 Mad 8
3 The Galatiadors 8
4 omegalol 6
5 HeadshotRocketsOnly 6
6 Smooth Criminals 6
7 heatbringers 4
8 Duckness 2
9 The Eggplant Noise Boys 1
10 YBNG4NG 1
11 F 1
12 spy mains are big gay 1
13 sendon 0
14 where r u lol 0
15 2y. Gucci_ Disbanded 0