Pugiklander | Season 2

Welcome to Pugiklander, in this tournament you will have to fight on the maps, obviously not for nothing, but for medals and combat experience in playing in a team.

The Tournament is divided into two divisions
Extra (Prem) - prem tier
Experienced (1) (mid / high)
Beginner (2) (open / low)

If Prem Div won't fill up, alas, this div will not participate in the tournament

Only 24-26 teams.
4-6 teams of the prem division, 8 teams of the 1st division, 12 teams of the 2nd division.

Registration takes place in our discord

All by CEST.
Signups close: July 7 at 20:00
The time for two divisions is the same.
1/8 Finals: July 10 at 18:00
1/4 Finals: July 11 at 18:00
1/2 Finals: July 12 at 18:00
Final and the match for third place: July 12 at 20:00

For other information, welcome to our discord

Pugiklander rules:
• Teams:
o Default Team Size: 9 players
o Maximum Players on Team Roster: 12 players

Other Rules:

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# Team Points