small ultiduo test cup

Friday 17th August, 20 cest onwards

3 rounds of swiss, Top 4 playoffs
Rounds will be played on ultiduo_baloo
Finals will be bo3 across baloo, gullywash & seclusion

1st place winners will be awarded a pair of socks each

you'll need to sign in via steam & then make a team here before you can enter

here's a discord server for any questions, voice channels, talking to other participants n stuff!

servers must be running the etf2l_ultiduo config & etf2l_ultiduo whitelist

participants must record POV demos
each team is allowed a maximum of 5 minutes of pause time per official

Rounds will be seeded at 20 , 21 & 22 cest, giving teams a 1 hr window to play their official and submit results
Playoffs will be Monday 20th August, 20 cest

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