Welcome to Nintendo.

We're a active team and we play tournaments to compete for the best of the best.

Our team are skilled in what class they do and will not stop till we reach the #1 spot.

Our bench members are also skilled and will be here to keep the team going even if one of us is ill.

Active roster for Nintendo playing in EU for KnightComp League (KCL) Season 1
Home Team vs Away Team
Week 1 Eagles
5 : 1
Nintendo Match Page
Week 2 Nintendo Away forfeit Yer arses arse and I'm the grass man Match Page
Week 3 Nintendo Away forfeit Epic Memesters Match Page
Week 4 Nintendo
0 : 5
Noob Boners Match Page
Nintendo signed up on Thu Feb 14 07:58:53 2019 to The New Caps Cup
Roster is awaiting approval
Active roster for Nintendo playing in Main F for CustomLander TF2
Player Pool