We're a very complex team. Fiercely independent and live life according to the rules that we make up. We're willing to resort to whatever means necessary (we draw the line at murder, though) to achieve our goals. We would clobber our grandmothers with a 2x4 if that's what we needed to do.

EU team

Player Pool
Past Rosters
DemoWankers placed 68th in EU for KnightComp League (KCL) Season 1 Disbanded

This team has hit the 4-forfeit maximum.

Home Team vs Away Team
Week 1 DemoWankers Home forfeit GREEN GIBUS Match Page
Week 2 Wolf Paws Away forfeit DemoWankers Match Page
Week 3 Annoying Mates Mutual forfeit DemoWankers Match Page
Week 4 DemoWankers Home forfeit Knight Out With The Lads Match Page
Week 5 DemoWankers Away forfeit sword bros Match Page
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