23/11/2020 16:08 is now a part of BroadcastTF is now back online with a new hosting location and new ownership under BroadcastTF.

Why has this happened? We heard that would end up shutting down very soon due to increasing costs and we didn't want to see that happen to such a useful service within our competitive TF2 scene.

BroadcastTF exists to empower esports, especially within TF2, we operate the EssentialsTF production org, the LANTF website, livestream graphics grid system, Twitch Essentials YouTube Channel and more. We're excited to bring into the BroadcastTF group and build on the work laid down by 200.

We're keeping the Discord the same for everyone (Join here!) and the existing site admins will be kept on to help everyone out as always!

01/10/2018 08:01

PSA & Public beta is now live

The biggest (and the first) huge site update is already here, along with an important PSA. Is everyone free to host tournaments now? Oh yes. More cool stuff? Yes. Dark theme and new features? Yes!

30/07/2018 06:50

Closed beta is now live

This day is the day when sees the light of day.