02/05/2023 11:22

Warning about phishing scams

We have recently received many reports regarding websites that are imitating in order to phish Steam logins. The scam typically works via Steam Chat with a friend invite sent to you, and the user requesting you to "vote" for their team with a link that they send you which opens a fake website. These fake sites then direct you to sign into "Steam" via a fake popup login window.

You may have come across these phishing sites already, and may have even fallen victim to them. We highly recommend that you change your Steam password if you have ever been to one of these sites and typed in your password.

To clarify, has not been compromised, nor had any form of data breach or leak. These fake sites are merely imitating our site and reputation in order to obtain your Steam login details. Additionally, the '' URL is the only version of that exists legitimately and we do not have any feature to "vote" on a team.

If you do receive any links to sites imitating for phishing purposes, we ask that you contact us via our Discord so that we can report these sites as soon as possible.

- Jon

01/10/2018 02:01

PSA & Public beta is now live

The biggest (and the first) huge site update is already here, along with an important PSA. Is everyone free to host tournaments now? Oh yes. More cool stuff? Yes. Dark theme and new features? Yes!