KnightComp League (KCL) Season 1: EU

Week 5: Crazy Cripples vs 7 Marlborough Buildings BA1 2LX

Match Comms

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I have no idea why i can write here+get notifications, prob cuz im captain.. still not in this league but anyway

i wIn tHis oK hAnD wAr

I can't see your attachment,
But I take it I've been bazinga'd

Sorry didn't had time, but what's the attachment oh yeah we agreed on rescheduling our match to march 1st 19 cet

Yeet, can confirm

Well what i managed to gather, thanks to timezone movements our team (Crazy cripples) got confused by it and were still thinking CET is still happening, so we didnt showed up in time

Meanwhile enemy team was toxic and rude pushing us to play giving us more panic

Well as both teams did an oopsie one way or another breaking the rules
I think mutual forfeit would be best

Dear Teams.

In light of the situation, I am defaulting this week's game to a Mutual Forfeit.

If both teams would like to have this game rescheduled and played, then I will allow it, if proof of an agreement is sent my way.

The default time and date for this potential reschedule is Saturday 6th April, 20CEST. This is to allow time for teams to complete their Week 6 official on time (19 CEST).

If both teams can't come to an agreement, then this case is closed.

You can contact me on Discord via Phlogic#6050.