KnightComp League (KCL) Season 1: EU

Week 4: Epic Memesters vs retard bird lvoers

Schedule suggestions (based on availability): Sunday
Match Comms

close game lads

A link is required to determine whether the rules of the gamemode were followed during the match.

Since this is not currently provided, but there is reason to believe that you have the logs somewhere, I will leave this match as "pending". Please contact me with the link and I will change the match result accordingly, even after Week 5 has started.

Upon closer inspection, it seems the logs for this match have not been generated. In addition, the only proof for this match (the scoreboard screenshot) is displaying a 0-0 score and is showing incorrect classes.

Had a discussion about this case with other admins and consensus is to make this a mutual forfeit, as there is no sufficient proof to dictate that a KnightComp match had taken place within the rules of the gamemode, and there is no way to prove a victor. Sorry for the inconvenience.