KnightComp League (KCL) Season 1: EU

Week 2: Eagles vs We Come Here For Medals

Match Comms

disentery milli milli:
so 5pm CET saturday?

Green Heart:

In light of the situation, Eagles will recieve a 2-0 victory, the score which was reached before issues arose, and since We Come Here For Medals cannot replay Round 3 (and any needed after), this has formed my decison.

However, Eagles will recieve a warning for using an unapproved merc mid-game.
Eagles will also recieve a warning for pausing during a team-fight and not at an appropriate time.

Given these are first time offences, its not worthy to harshly punish Eagles, although do note that more offences will have much more severe punishments.

If you are able to replay from the beginning of Round 3 (2-0 base score) by the end of Sunday 10th March, please do so and notify me of the scores, or any updates regarding this proposal.