KnightComp League (KCL) Season 1: EU

Week 1: Don't be Aiden vs Niger Gaming

Schedule suggestions (based on availability): Sunday, Thursday, Friday
Match Comms

We were able to sort something out, so as a result both teams have been entered into KnightComp League Season 1 and have a slightly lately organised match. Default date/time is Saturday 2nd March 7pm CET, however should you wish to schedule this to a time which suits you both, then organise in here. Best of luck!

We would like to play on default time

Can we start the match at 12:00 PM (CET), that's the time where we gonna be on.

Can we do 10:00 or 11:00 instead?

PM or AM Da bodi do?


Alright 11 pm its gonna be

We would like to start at 11:30 (CET) cause we have to get home from school

*school to home

thats in saturday f2p :/

You have school on Saturdays?

Don't really understand why you want to play so late on a weekend

for him, yes

you have 7 people

Can't he skip this first week?

Merde and me both have school on saturday and be home at 5:00 PM (vietnam time)

15 mins get home, 5 mins opening laptop, 5 mins open tf2, would be 25 mins late

I talk with my team

Ok sure

take your time

CET right?


We would prefer 11:30 pm (CET)

if thats ok

Yeah team is ok, 11:30 PM Saturday it is


You getting the server?

we ended up getting it wrong, we thought you said pm not am, and our team cant play in like a really late time

I meant PM

11:30 PM CET Saturday

Can't you get mercs players?

When does the Philippines player get home from school?

honestly idk, but everyone else can’t seem to be able to make it, so my last choice here is to forfit

Your whole team?



Can we change to 11:30 AM, i was wrong. Sorry

we could take f2p’s choice, otherwise it’s just quits

11:30 AM CET?


Checking with team

Take your time.

we will be waiting

Can you guys think of playing 15:00 PM CET on Saturday? It would be 22:00 PM in the Philippines

give us time, we are deciding

alright heres your answer, we will do it in 15:00pm

Who will provide server and what server location?

probably Phlogic


So I guess I will provide the server

I will pick a EU server

Official Time Saturday 15:00 PM CET
Niger Gaming will provide server