KnightComp League (KCL) Season 1: EU

Week 1: Claidheamh mór is viable vs The Pineapples

Match Comms

Hello! as of next week the knightcomp will begin. but we have some problems on our side. and my question is that if we can postpone our match and a later date?

Aye, we've gone over this via private messaging, but the match is gonna be Monday the 4th of March at 8PM CET.

I am very much aware that we probably should've kept the admins of the site up to date of our plans as well ^^"

This is very late, but given we didn't make it clear that matches were to be played by Saturday 2nd, we'll let this commence.

For future reference, please try to play games by the Saturday corresponding to that week, as it allows us to post the next schedules as early as possible so teams get a week to organise games.

Our apologies, both teams had rather unfortunate timing in regards to the matches, so we had to postpone the match to this date.

In other words;
the server that's going to be reserved is to be set up, the server password will be demoknightrules123, the RCON password will be knighttf2.

Further details will be given later tonight.

For as far as is known, we'll have one sub called Baryonic Matter, this is their steam page:
Their ID is U:1:303732462.
I hope that helps ^^

We also use another merc known as TheJulianSNL.

That means we have 2 mercs.

I made a slight oopsie, I accidently entered the wrong data because I didn't know how it worked.
Our team won in a 5v6 .final scores of the match