KnightComp League (KCL) Season 1: EU

Week 1: izi v nogy popal vs Crazy Cripples

Schedule suggestions (based on availability): Sunday
Match Comms

Default win for mind squad due enemy team not appearing within time limit and giving connect info even when they agreed to it

Also spam from enemy team leader as toxicity or harrasment

Agreement of the match, who gets server, etc

instead of spam, I accidentally sent it, why didn’t they want to listen to me because I was talking that there were no servers and a man came who could give the server but it was busy

No agreement to push the game forward was made here.
Due to this the request has been denied.

Default date for Wk1 is Saturday 2nd March, 20CET. If you wish to change the date, agree so in here.

Cause steam comms agreement cant be taken as actuall agreement even if you have screenshot proof

Would you like to rematch?

we suggest match on march 1st, 20pm CET
And this time please dont call me meany words throught steam cause you cant follow some schedule

we can play March 3rd 20 cet

We can agree to march 3rd 20 cet