AsiaFortress Cup 18: Division 3

Week 1: Permaheavy vs glory boys

Match Comms

Hi, Sunday 8pm sg time would be best for us. Can also do 9pm if it suits you better.

Definitely can’t do Friday or Saturday but Wednesday or Thursday could be an option if you’re unavailable Sunday.

can you do 7pm sg time sunday

I’ll check with my team and get back to you.

Sorry, 7 is too early for some of our players.

we'd prefer any day at 7

can do 8 on a friday or saturday

We can't do Friday or Saturday.

We could've done tonight or yesterday but you guys didn't reply in time.

can you do tonight 7 or 8 sg time

We can't do Friday or Saturday.

sorry lmfao mb, wanna do sunday 7 or 8 sg time?

Some of our players can't do 7 unfortunately. But 8pm Sunday sg time will be perfect.

I'll book a server.

8pm sg time sunday done

gg guys


AFC config messed up so we had to do UGC config for 2nd map. Game ended at 4-0. We said that there was another round but glory boys chose to end the game at 4-0. used as merc by Permaheavy. used as merc by glory boys. used as merc by glory boys.