AsiaFortress Cup 17: Division 2

Week 5: The Great Experiment vs yeeterflies

Match Comms

Hopps — Yesterday at 4:15 PM
So next Friday (?)
Xeno. — Yesterday at 4:16 PM
okay ill ask my team and let you know
Hopps — Today at 3:49 PM
Any feedback
Xeno. — Today at 4:22 PM
yep next friday is good
Hopps — Today at 4:24 PM
Xeno. — Today at 4:24 PM

yeeterflies cannot do Wed, Fri, and Sat.
TGE cannot do Thurs, and Sun.
Match is therefore postponed to next week Fri 9pm. TGE 3-1 Yeeterflies (Product) TGE 5-2 Yeeterflies (Reckoner)