AsiaFortress Cup 17: Division 4

1: Permaheavy vs Barisan Softboy

Match Comms

Hi, would be great if we could do Sunday 21st March 8pm sg time.

Let me know if this doesn’t suit and we can arrange a different night. We definitely can’t do Friday or Saturday but could probably do Wednesday or Thursday if needed. 8pm is best for us as we are 3 hours ahead also if possible.

Our team prefers to pay at 9pm SGT on Sunday as we would be missing some players at 8pm SGT. We would agree 8.45pm if you guys cannot play at 9pm SGT, or other days before 21/3

Yeah we can do 8:45pm Singapore time Sunday. I have booked claritea sg server for this time. See you then :)

Cool, we're really sorry if you guys have to play closer to midnight in AU time.

Thanks, and see you :)

That's ok, we understand playing in an Asian league that we need to make allowances.

Thanks for playing on Sunday anyway!

Cheers for the game guys. Good luck in rest of season :)

Cheers! Good luck for you guys too :)