AsiaFortress Cup 17: Division 3

1: NotReallyGood vs 盧氏

Match Comms

[2:30 PM]
We can match tmr :)
Then how about sat, 9pm sgt?

[2:54 PM]
NRG MightyDog03:
oh it's fine if we do sunday actually
since we have our ugc match on saturday
sunday 9 pm is that fine?

[2:54 PM]
Cya sunday 9pm

[2:55 PM]
NRG MightyDog03:
cool :steamthumbsup:

Sunday 9 PM SGT. Comms of match server to be added when discussed upon.

Using qix HK server

Sorry wrong scores submitted:

Snake (3-0):

Gully (2-2):

Snake won for NRG, 3 point differential. Gully tied