PURE League (Season 3): Premier

Lower Bracket Finals: Joes mad vs Rhodes Island

Match Comms

YudhaToday at 10:38 PM
Joes mad bans (sunhine
Rhodes Island bans (process
Rhodes Island picks ( gully
Joes mad picks ( product
Joes mad picks ( snake

we did the pickins in discord cause the shit sbroke again

http://logs.tf/2720035#76561198140349972 (Gullywash) (rhodes won) (3-2)
http://logs.tf/2720057#76561198140349972 (Product) (joes mad won) (3-1)
http://logs.tf/2720074#76561198140349972 (Snake) (rhodes won) (3-2)

Rhodes won the match, GG Joes mad