PURE League (Season 3): Open

Week 2: NotReallyGood vs Sons of Simps

Match Comms

Friday, Saturday, or Sunday (preferrably 9, earliest 8)

weeb_Today at 6:42 PM
sun is better for us cuz we actually have players
sat we have a chance of having players
h4rryToday at 7:01 PM
ok we can do sunday 9pm
Confirmed Sunday 16/08/2020

shut up h4rryr4ya

4-0 Snakewater

Logs: http://logs.tf/2658263#76561198400462105

2nd map postponed to 17/08, 8 PM SG Time, glhf again. hope you don't get paki net again juice

Mercs used for NRG: BON as Flank Scout
kook as Medic

Mercs used for SoS: iFun demo

6-4 Gullywash

Logs: http://logs.tf/2659252#76561198400462105

Mercs used for NRG: Rom3o as Flank Scout
Maxi2k as Medic

Mercs used for SoS: Tannie as Pocket Scout
Hero as Demo


Rematch will be played until the end of Week 4. Please schedule accordingly.

Big Gæ (Gabe)Today at 1:30 PM
so 8 pm friday match, this week, just to confirm
SherlockToday at 1:30 PM

Friday, 21/08/2020, 8 PM. Snakewater, Gullywash

glhf ig

paki power outage.

postponed to Saturday 22/08/2020, 8 PM. sorry

SherlockToday at 7:53 PM
aight 4/5 teammates can do it
just waiting on 1 more
aight all of us agree to tmr night
Big Gæ (Gabe)Today at 7:55 PM
thanks so much

imagine denying 3 div 3 med mercs and then trying to get a forfeit with those 3 denies