AsiaFortress Cup 16: Division 3

Week 7: oui oui baguet vs Reading Specialists

Match Comms

Hi, we prefer Friday 9pm sg time.


Match to be played FRI Apr 17, 9pm sg on PURE Scrim 1

rS will use this merc:

approved by gtlm.
[12:28 PM]
Steam Community :: cRs.
IU - Through the Night ːfirst_starː Lisa - Nat King Cole coverːfirst_starː Some div 3 match Team Fortress 2 Achivement 9v9 UGC Highlander - Daddys house seasons 11 - 4th place. 9v9 UGC Highlander - Daddys house v2 seasons 12 - 1st place. -half sea- 9v9 UGC Highlander - The science klub (tsk) seasons 12 - 4th place. -half sea- 9V9 UGC High

[12:29 PM]
yes I allow this merc

[12:30 PM]
ok thank you