AsiaFortress Cup 16: Division 3

Week 7: salad chicken vs BLUTACKBOYS

Match Comms

2020/04/17 21:00 gmt+8 hulux2(TW)

We have not agreed to play on that server and we have contacted an admin to settle the server matters. Currently waiting for a clarification from the admins on what we're supposed to do.

4c. Servers

Any server that has been can load the latest AFC configs and maps may be used. Ideally, a server should have minimal choke, loss, stuttering and ping difference between the two teams. If a server satisfactory for both teams cannot be found, they are to use an official AsiaFortress server that provides the lowest average ping difference.

Referring to the rule above, it would be ideal to have both teams play on a SG server since 4/6 of our players would have 200+ ping or maybe even higher in HK / TW / JP / KR servers.

I propose to play on any SG server that has AFC configs so that the we can get minimal ping difference for both teams.

Server and time proposed:

PURE Scrim #2:
connect; passwrd purematch

17/4/2020 9:00pm GMT+8

p.s: Sorry for the constant edits, mj keeps giving me invalid ips...