PURE League (Season 2): Open

7: Salad bowl vs Teh'O

Match Comms

match 10/13 sunday 9pm (gmt8) pure #5

catkoi_:can your team play sunday?
mono:sunday ok
catkoi_:server Dedstar?
mono:I booked pure 5 (hk)
9pm SG time yea
mono:9pm ok

https://logs.tf/2391357#76561198116237880 (Reckoner)

Player angery is part of the sub team just that i forgot to add to roster during TW1 and forced to merc. (no more merc usages anymore):


bruh u tell us that after the match

o rip

my bad sorry but i've been doing this for my other players as well that i forgot to add. so i apologize for that

Match to be replayed by 11:59pm GMT+8 20th October