AsiaFortress Cup 15: Division 2

Week 4: trashcan vs The Mighty Gibuses

Match Comms

delay for 2 weeks

----- Chat log -----
kotoriToday at 8:24 AM
hey can we play the match next week?
DeDstarToday at 11:21 AM
hm sure

kotoriToday at 11:21 AM
next sat 8pm

DeDstarToday at 11:22 AM
let me ask my team
oh big oof
my demoman have exams next week
so can't postpone

kotoriToday at 11:24 AM
i have exams this week

DeDstarToday at 11:24 AM

kotoriToday at 11:24 AM
me hiro and bann
3 cant play this week
delay 2 weeks?

DeDstarToday at 11:25 AM
oh boy
is that possible

kotoriToday at 11:25 AM
im gonna ask fwishy holdon

DeDstarToday at 11:25 AM

kotoriToday at 11:28 AM
fwishy said can

DeDstarToday at 11:29 AM

chat log in the same day the rest of my team doesnt want to postpone

DeDstarLast Thursday at 12:06 PM
let me confirm with my team really quickly

kotoriLast Thursday at 1:23 PM
so wat time

DeDstarLast Thursday at 1:23 PM
my team no response yet

DeDstarLast Thursday at 5:15 PM
is your team free this weekend
my team is rebelling against my decision
and they want to play
this weekend

kotoriLast Thursday at 5:38 PM
is ur team braindead or didnt u tell them that 3 of us cant play this week

DeDstarLast Thursday at 5:38 PM
already told

kotoriLast Thursday at 5:38 PM
so no

![proof chat is legit1

So we're not postponing.

*a portion of the chat log is cut, only showingthe request and confirmation

(L)Today at 2:51 PM
ok what time
do u want
8pm can?
8pm will be most convenient for me
and my team

DeDstarToday at 3:48 PM
ok match time is confirmed

[6:23 PM]
i think we gonna ff

[6:23 PM]
oh damn

[6:24 PM]
or is the match like
confirmed 100%

[6:24 PM]
oh it's ok you can forfeit

[6:24 PM]
can it still be postponed

[6:24 PM]
the match is going to be played tonight at 8

[6:24 PM]

[6:26 PM]
so what's your decision?

[6:28 PM]