[AU/NZ] The Palaise Limitless 6v6 Tournament: The Palaise Limitless 6v6 Tournament

Week 1: Nocturnal is the best vs FrozenBread

Schedule suggestions (based on availability): Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Match Comms

home and away funny moments

What times are you guys available?

umm wenever is good lmk

ok sorry for the delay, can you guys make a start time of 4:45 on saturday for the first game?

for the second one, are you available at all during monday or tuesday?


I take that as a no for Monday/Tuesday, ill try to find a time for Sunday arvo

i tyhink we might go for the sat

ok good we still need a time for the second game tho

also, i just wanted to check, have you booked the server?

maybe book the server

i think that would help

wanna do sat 7

we thought that the game was going to be at 4:45

are you guys able to make that or do you need to play at 7?

u do 2 maps in 1 game u dont split them

oh ok

so can we play them at 4:45 or can you guys not make that?


ok what is the earliest you can do?


ok fine 7 it is

can you guys please book the server