[AU/NZ] The Palaise Limitless 6v6 Tournament: The Palaise Limitless 6v6 Tournament

Week 1: Fun police + prisoner Jack "Fun Enthusiast" Firebrand vs Wait what?

Schedule suggestions (based on availability): Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Match Comms

confirming match Wednesday 17th 8pm aest

obliviousYesterday at 5:49 AM
hey man how does wednesday at 8 sydney time sound?

GriftzYesterday at 9:24 AM
Yeah that sounds good

GriftzToday at 1:27 PM
do you know if rem is suitable to play?
obliviousToday at 4:55 PM
yes he can play sorry to get back so late

Fun Police will be mercing rem

http://logs.tf/2262931#76561198075942421 process 3-2 to wait what?

http://logs.tf/2262943#76561198075942421 viaduct 3-0 to fun polcie