AsiaFortress Cup 15: Division 3

Week 2: HighSchool Dropouts vs Teh'O

Match Comms

Yo when do you guys want to do Week 2 Match?
Could provide a date and time?
Server as well thanks!

bout our match
can we do it on friday 9pm gmt+8???
ProteigonToday at 8:12 PM
can you guys do 8:30?
Tannie's MicrophoneToday at 8:12 PM
we have scrim 8-9
but will try
ill ask if they can 730-830
ProteigonToday at 8:13 PM
a scrim b4 afc?
Tannie's MicrophoneToday at 8:13 PM

Thanks for the game guys! That was a great game!

Teh'O won HsD on Snake water 5 - 1:

Teh'O won HsD on Process 5 - 0:

3 merc uses
1 on 1st map
2 on 2nd map
3 merc uses left

i mean 2 merc uses, 1 merc played on both maps and another merc played on 2nd map only(just reread the rules, my bad) btw, 4 merc uses left